Why Ockham? on Ockham

Why Ockham?
It's Simple Really...
Efficient only what matters
Accessible from anywhere, anytime
Valuable $1 per month, for everything
Informative research, crowd sentiment, news
Respected top tier clients and partners
What separates us from all other research platforms is our emphasis on efficiency. We break down a stock's fundamental and sentiment analysis to only what we have found to be essential. Television and blog news stories are filtered for relevant content which strips away the unnecessary noise. We strive to inform our clients without inundating them.

This adherence to efficiency is why we named ourselves Ockham Research, a reference to the principal of Ockham's Razor: when deciding between two competing theories that eventually reach the same conclusion, the simpler theory is preferred. Because your time is a scare resource, we believe efficiency is valuable.
Our research platform puts a massive amount of data, analysis and commentary at your fingertips at all times. Our clients can log in to 5500 stock reports, ticker specific news, portfolio analytics all at your convenience, through our web-based platform.

Furthermore, Ockham Research was one of the first companies to offer equity research and valuations through an iPhone app. iPhone and iPod users will be excited to hear that a new app with website-like functionality will be available soon. We are always looking for ways to reach out to our clients including blogs and newsletter to keep clients in touch with our thoughts on the stock market.
We firmly believe that we offer the very best deal in equity research. We have yet to see a single service that offers as much information, let alone for a single dollar per month. Our business model is different from every other equity research provider; rather than offering single reports for $20 or more each, we offer complete access to our entire platform for just $1 per month.

We are able to accomplish this because of our streamlined research process. We focus our time on analyzing and crunching the numbers reported by the companies, rather than expensive and sometimes counterproductive industry conferences or face time with executives and other traditional (costly) research techniques.
At Ockham, a constant goal of ours is to sharpen information to make it a tool to enable better investing. Of course, there are many factors that can go into an investment decision, but there are really three that are most important. First, is this a good price for this stock, or in other words, does this stock provide me with value? Second, where does market sentiment fall on this stock, are most investors bullish or bearish? Lastly, what has happened recently in this stock, or is there news that significantly changes my notions about this company?

We address each of these three areas of interest with precision. We have a valuation methodology attuned to picking stocks that are trading outside of their historically normal ranges. Through our partnership with Motley Fool CAPS, we provide our clients with the most complete survey available for investor sentiment on individual stocks. Lastly, our RazorWire tool "slices" through up to the minute news to bring you only what is relevant.
Ockham's valuation methodology has been developed over more than two decades, and in that time has attracted interest as a Ben Graham style value investing methodology. The methodology performed admirably on the BNY / Jaywalk platform, which is a research data aggregator and measuring stick for independent research providers. As a member of the global analyst research settlement, our clients consist of some of the most well known institutions. Our opinions on individual stocks and market commentary can be found in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron's, TheStreet.com, and RealClearMarkets.com, as well as television interviews on Fox Business Network and CNBC.

However, because of a confluence of trends in the field of equity research that we have witnessed in the last few years, we developed a new model as a response to the new challenges. Now because of our low cost structure, our platform is accessible to both institutional and individual investors alike.