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Top Quality, Fundamental Analysis
Ockham has fundamental valuations on over 5500 companies which we distribute, to our clients via highly-focused equity reports, weekly newsletters, and analysts' daily market commentary blogs.
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Business Television and Blog Monitoring
With the influx of noise in our lives, it can be exceedingly difficult to separate the essential news from everything else. Ockham's RazorWire tool "slices" through business television and impactful blogs to provide you with the clearest information possible.
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Crowd Sentiment at Your Fingertips
Through our partnership with The Motley Fool, Ockham provides the most robust data on investors' sentiment of individual stocks. This indicator, along with our valuations and our news tracking, helps our clients make informed investment decisions.
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Manage Investment Portfolios
Ockham's Portfolio Analyzer tool gives clients an easy to understand overview of their positions. You can compare fundamentals or just watch the news on that set of stocks specifically.
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Undeniable Value
Ockham is all about efficiency; efficiency for our clients and in our business model. We are able to offer our entire suite of services for the price of $1 per month. There is no catch and no up-selling. Invest Simply with Ockham.
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