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1.What Is Ockham? 2.Why Do I Need Ockham? 3.How Do I Use Ockham? 4.Let’s Get Started…

Why Do You Need Ockham?

If anything has been proven this last year, it is that you need to take a more active role in your investments. Whether a professional investment advisor or an individual investor, Ockham is designed to assist your investment process with better information, more concise answers, and a track record of calling valuations properly. If you invest in stocks or ETFs, you need a trusted professional research service that understands "buy and hold" doesn't mean forever.

We Empower Your Investing

Our platform works with you to generate ideas, track stocks, gain insights, and watchdog holdings.

Track Business Television with

Through our product, Ockham tracks every spoken word on business television stations to immediately notify you of what has been said and what Ockham thinks of each stock discussed. is powered through a partnership with Psydex Corporation.

NASDAQ 1848.87

49.14  2.73%
S&P; 500 925.53

19.69  2.17%
^DIA 85.55

1.89  2.26%