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The Tools

In the tools section you will find all of the ways that our research is being deployed.  At Ockham, we have the traditional financial research reports on over 5500 stocks and weekly newsletter.  Each of these reports comes with important fundamental data, company information, and a valuation with the underlying rationale.

We also have one of a kind proprietary tools such as RazorWire and the Portfolio Analyzer that make the site even more useful that the traditional financia l information site.  We have created the iPhone's first, and we believe, best financial information app, which contains almost all of the functionality of the site in the palm of your hand.  In addition, we have a daily blog that keeps readers in touch with what we think is noteworthy in the financial markets.


Ockham Videos

Track Business Television through RazorWire
Ockham can give you the in-depth analysis to investigate what the talking heads are talking about.
The Portfolio Analyzer charts each stock and will help you track your holdings to identify risks and opportunities more effectively.
Ockham is built to give answers quickly, while incorporating television commentary, blog articles, and user comments directly into each page.
StockRazor is the mobile version of Ockham Research, currently available on thie iPhone.