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1.What Is Ockham? 2.Why Do I Need Ockham? 3.How Do I Use Ockham? 4.Let’s Get Started…

What is Ockham Research?

Ockham Research is a independent equity research firm. We are investment professionals, analysts, and developers with careers on and off Wall Street that span decades. While Wall Street research continues to fail investors (professional or otherwise), Ockham is an investment research platform dedicated to answering not only the "why" to invest, but also the "when" to invest.

Independent Stock Research

Our analysis isn’t biased by investment banking, trading, or brokerage operations.

Massive Coverage of Stocks

Ockham covers over 5,000 companies with detailed analysis, and we provide metrics on thousands more.

A Simple Approach

Remember, simple and obvious are two very different things. Our approach is simple to understand and explain.

Detailed Analysis in Plain English

At Ockham, we take the time to explain everything we do

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