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(8/28 4:00PM)
Open$87.15 Mkt Cap$135.3 Billion
High$87.15 52Wk High$92.20
Low$85.86 52Wk Low$55.41
Volume231,630 Avg Vol 10D340,600

Ockham’s Rating

We are reaffirming our Fairly Valued rating for the time being because there have been no major changes in our analysis in the last week. In the following report we will look at the stock versus itself historically, which is clearly useful in order to evaluate if a security is overvalued or undervalued. In addition, we analyze the stock as a member of the Consumer Services sector and the market as a whole to understand the volatility and risk and reward potential.

When a sector is as hot as the Consumer Services sector is right now, we are certainly a little bit more cautious about recommending buying any stocks that have become too expensive. As this NYSE has continued to make gains in the recent weeks and months, we have become more bearish on the whole. However, as of this report we are satisfied to simply reaffirm our Fairly Valued rating. Please continue reading this report for a full explanation of our reasoning.

First, TM decreased in price by 0.09% since 08/22/2009 and this does not greatly impact our outlook.

Second, since our last report, there have been no significant adjustments in earnings expectations or guidance.

TM Stock Evaluation

Because of a relatively quiet week from a price movement perspective, there has been little change in the valuation of TM recently. Furthermore, there has been no change to the earnings guidance given by the company’s management in the last week. Those are two key factors in our fundamental analysis which are unchanged since our last report. In accordance with these static factors, we see no catalyst for a ratings change this week.

TM Revenue

As a value investing shop, we are interested in seeing how TM’s revenues measure up against past performances. One easily understandable way of doing that is to compare Price to Sales per share levels over a given time frame. Assuming it is available, Ockham prefers to look at ten years of history (for this stock there are 10 years of history available) and we weigh recent years more heavily. This allows us to find weighted average historical high and low Price to Sales ratios, which give us a better idea of the stock’s current underlying value. Using this method, we have established a high range for Price to Sales of 1.06x and the low end of the range at 0.71x.

With respect to these historically rational metrics, notice that the current Price to Sales per share ratio for TM of 0.52x is well below its normal historic Price to Sales levels. At a price of $86.26, TM is 41% below where we would expect to see it. Clearly, this stock looks undervalued compared to historical levels, at least on a Price to Sales basis. This will positively affect our analysis because it is rare to find a stock this far below historical norms, and we would expect some price appreciation to bring this metric back towards a more normal range.

TM Cash Earnings

As the old saying goes, "Cash is King!" We look at reported Cash Earnings, but the main emphasis of our analysis involves stripping out non-cash events such as depreciation from our cash earnings analysis. This helps us view the cash flows more clearly. Nevertheless, an analysis of Cash Earnings (both reported and otherwise) is absolutely pivotal to assessing a company’s value, and currently TM is significantly above its historical average multiple of Cash Earnings. Looking at the last 10 years we can get a good understanding of what investors have grown to expect from TM. For example, TM’s Cash Earnings ratio per share has fluctuated between 7.09 and 10.83 over this historical timeframe. This range is based upon a proprietary weighted methodology at Ockham, but can clearly show an investor where TM is with respect to prior business periods.

So what does this tell us about TM in particular? Basically, we would value the current level of Cash Earnings per share (which is at 12.63) as significantly overvalued. Just by looking at the last closing price of TM, which was $86.26, we can see that compared to the historical high Price to Cash Earnings levels we calculated, the market has already rewarded TM with a higher stock price. So basically, we don’t view this level of Cash Earnings or stock price as compatible with a long term value at this point. Just remember, that does not mean that TM may not have other merits with which to find a good investment opportunity, it just means that we would prefer to see either an increase in Cash Earnings or a decrease in stock price before we would become bullish on this metric.

TM Dividends

A positive Ockham rating does not require a company to pay out an inviting dividend or a dividend at all. However, we believe dividends provide a useful measure of a company’s inherent expectations.

Comparable to our analysis of Sales and Cash Earnings per share, we examine dividend yields from TM against the historic high and low levels over an available data range. Because TM has an established history of paying a dividend to shareholders, there is value in comparing recent dividends to historical dividends. In TM’s case, the estimated annual dividend is $1.45 producing a current dividend yield of 1.68%. The highest dividend yield from TM in recent history was 4.49% while the lowest dividend yield was 0.00%. While it is quite common for a growth stock to pay no dividend at all, but for a mature company such as TM that has a history of paying dividends it is disappointing to see their dividend yield drop so significantly. At this time, the current dividend yield is 25.17% below the median yield.

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Price/Cash Earnings Price/Sales 5-Yr. Rev.
Growth Rate
Avg. ROE.
Current 10-Yr. Range* Current 10-Yr. Range*
Peer Company Averages (not incuding TM) 45.36 2.69 » 38.57 0.43 0.17 » 0.87 4.39% 13.76%
*10 year range does not include current year values
Toyota Motor Corp. ADS TM $135.3 Billion $86.26 12.63 3.55 » 16.95 0.52 0.42 » 1.88 4.90% 10.85%
Honda Motor Company, Limited HMC $58.1 Billion $32.01 7.41 4.01 » 13.57 0.47 0.31 » 0.85 5.32% 11.82%
Daimler AG DAI $42.4 Billion $45.69 99.33 1.54 » 9.60 0.28 0.16 » 0.78 -4.85% 8.00%
Ford Motor Company F $24.9 Billion $7.73 3.51 0.81 » 4.60 0.12 0.02 » 0.37 -2.28% 8.66%
Johnson Controls, Inc. JCI $14.9 Billion $25.09 104.54 4.11 » 150.00 0.50 0.12 » 0.74 10.94% 13.86%
Paccar, Inc. PCAR $13.3 Billion $36.71 12.00 2.99 » 15.08 0.76 0.23 » 1.59 12.81% 26.44%
The Latest Financial News
7:35:25 PM TM $86.26 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
1 days ago (08/29)
“…car sales in 2015 is expected to be well below that 10%. The forecast by Just-Auto in 2009 believes that conventional hybrids such as the Prius from TOYOTA MOTOR (TM) will represent 3% to 8% of global light vehicle production by 2015. Other plug-in vehicles, such as Volt by General Motor (GRM) will take a much lower share. Some of the most cited reasons EVs or PHEVs are not used on a large scale includes high initial purchase price as batteries …” – TM on Zero Hedge
11:44:19 AM TM $86.23 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
2 days ago (08/28)
“…>>> TOYOTA announcing plans in march to shut down its california plant that ran with general motors for 25 years. It would mark the first time the japanese automaker is closing a major auto assembly plant. Down 6/10 of 1%. >>> all right in today’s "call of wild," are deficits helping the economy? Paul krugman says yes. He wrote a column in today’s "new york times" saying deficits have saved the world. Let’s bring in former vermont governor howard dean, he is the cnbc contributor who has frequently saved the world. …” – TM on The Call
9:14:07 AM TM $86.78 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
2 days ago (08/28)
“…Beaches expected here on coastal back to you, melissa? >> all right. >>> on the auto front, the automakers say it sank last TOYOTA dropping 20% marking a 12 monthly decrease. Honda’s output falling almost >>> we have breaking news. We mentioned just a minute ago on intel raising their third quarter revenue estimate. They say on stronger than expected demand for chips. In the second we’re going to dig deeper for what this could mean for the rest of the computer makers after dell’s earnings yesterday. Meantime, TOYOTA is shutting down a california factory. This is the first time ever the japanese automaker is closing a major assembly plant. Gm decided to withdraw from the 50/50 joint venture in may. TOYOTA said it will move the u.S. And canada and japan. >> chrysler now accepting product liability claims on vehicles built before it exited bankruptcy in june. While in chapter 11, the automaker had abandoned all of its product liability claims. The detroit news reports the new company is now accepting warranty claims, lemon law claims, safety recalls, but not for lawsuits filed before june 10th, the day it exited >>> up next, more on intel, and …” – TM on Squawk On The Street
8:32:16 AM TM $86.78 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
2 days ago (08/28)
“…first plant in 72-year history as GM California venture fails.TiVo Inc. sues Verizon, AT&T on alleged used of its patented TV "time-warping" tech.TOYOTA recalls about 95,700 vehicles in US because of possible brake problems.Economic Calendar: Data on Personal Income-Spending, PCE Core, Mich Sentiment-Rev.Earnings Calendar: BNS, FRO, GLNG, PTR, SHLO, TIF.Recent Egan-Jones Rating ActionsCROWN HOLDINGS INC (CCK)STANLEY WORKS/THE (SWK)SNAP-ON …” – TM on Zero Hedge
4:41:40 PM TM $86.78 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…>>> TOYOTA’s the company behind the hugely popular camry. And it’s driving health care reform. >> there’s a very standardized way in which a worker at TOYOTA places the front left tire on a camry. >> at the university of pennsylvania’s department of medicine dr. Rick shannon is taking lessons directly from the assembly line of corporate giants like TOYOTA and also alcoa in bringing their standardization models into the hospital. Every year nearly 100,000 patients nationwide die from hospital-acquired infections. By standardizing practices like making sure each nurse dresses a …” – TM on Closing Bell
2:20:28 PM TM $86.74 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…We’re doubtful here. The real challenge for boeing is stick to the new 787 dreamliner schedule. They’ve been able to put up a schedule in the past. They haven’t stuck to it. We shall see. >> liz: breaking news. TOYOTA is going to end production at the u.S. Nummi plant in fremont, california, in martin source. TOYOTA moving corolla, tacoma from nummi to other plants. We have news that is bringing the stock down, slightly. Down 22 cents to $86.69. >> cheryl: not just the affected. >> liz: here is the one-year chart. TOYOTA scratch and clawed its way back up to close to the year highs. The british government deciding three last resort cancer drugs won’t be covered under their healthcare plan. Because of how much they cost. >> cheryl: will uncle sam make the same cuts. As part of healthcare reform. Liz macdonald is following it a fear out there for many >> this is a tough story. What is going on in britain, they have had the nice board. Nice acronym for basically a board that effectively rations care. …” – TM on Fox Business
1:39:51 PM TM $86.55 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…You are watching "power lunch" on cnbc first in business >> TOYOTA, the company behind the hugely popular camry is driving health care reform. >> there is a highly standardized way in which they camry. >> at the university of pennsylvania’s department of medicine, doctor rick shannon is taking lessons from the assembly line of corporate giants like TOYOTA and alcoa in bringing their standardization models into the hospital. Every year nearly 100,000 patients nationwide die from hospital acquired infections. …” – TM on Power Lunch
1:30:58 PM TM $86.42 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…Maiden flight. >> stuart: love that company. Sandra, thanks very much. >> take care. >> stuart: the final number on the cash for clunkers, they’re in. It really helped the japanese auto makers. TOYOTA, nissan, sold 41% of the vehicles. The big three detroit makers accounted for 38% of the vehicles sold. In addition four of the top five sellers on the clunkers were japanese makes and none of the top ten were from g.M. Or but personal spending is expected to be up in july, the third straight month. That is the final verdict there. The good and the bad on cash for clunkers. Group of doctors taking the white house, white house to it’s all about the health reform debate and you will only see the story right here. …” – TM on Fox Business
11:37:45 AM TM $86.07 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…Gm cars and chrysler, gm and chrysler didn’t have one car in the top ten sellers under the cash for clunkers program. Is that one thing that hurt >> I think it did. I think everybody, including TOYOTA, ford, you know, nissan had smaller inventories than normal because of the rate of business in the first half of the year. But gm and chrysler, because of the bankruptcy, were shut down, but gm actually performed right behind TOYOTA in total sales and when you consider the import have a portfolio contains a bigger mix of smaller, fuel efficient vehicles, i think that actually gm is quite pleased with their gm ap chrysler will both have by far their biggest sales months >> john, thank you for being here, and great to see you. John mclany, the chairman of the >> you’re welcome dagen. >> we will have you back a lot. We want to know how the sales hold up come november, august. August we know. October, november, we’re curious thank you so much, john. >> boeing now saying its troubled dreamliner will have …” – TM on Fox Business
8:34:01 AM TM $86.91 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…to curb capacity in steel, cement industries.China said it may curb overcapacity in the steel and cement industries.’Clunkers’ lifts foreign cars; TOYOTA comes out on top as consumers trade in vehicles.FDIC cuts required capital ratio to 10% for buyers of failed US lenders.FDIC may need to draw cash from banks or government.New-Home Sales in US jump 9.6% in sign economy recovering from recession.UK August house prices rise most since 2006: …” – TM on Zero Hedge
8:34:01 AM TM $86.91 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/27)
“…GM.SAIC Motor Corp.’s H1 net falls 26% to $212.3M; revs up 7%.TiVo Inc. sues Verizon, AT&T on alleged used of its patented TV "time-warping" tech.TOYOTA recalls about 95,700 vehicles in US because of possible brake problems.Tribune bondholders ask judge to allow investigation of ‘fraudulent’ 2007 sale to Sam Zell.Williams-Sonoma posts surprise Q2 profit on cost cutting measures, ups Y9 EPS view.Woolworths’ 2H profit rises 16% to $705M as …” – TM on Zero Hedge
8:30:00 PM TM $86.91 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
3 days ago (08/26)
“…contribution to GDP growth from the vehicle sector – but some of this contribution seems likely to be shifted into the fourth quarter.TOYOTA which was the primary beneficiary of CfC announced yesterday it is reducing global capacity by 10%. Nuff said. Next.4. Real GDP: Help in the second half. The cash for clunkers program will boost consumption and deplete inventories in Q3, relative to what would have been the case. These …” – TM on Zero Hedge
12:06:21 PM TM $86.73 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
4 days ago (08/26)
“…The cash for clunkers programs generated nearly 700,000 new car sales and came in under the $3 billion budget for the month-long program. But get this one, japanese auto makers, TOYOTA, honda and nissan accounted for 41% of the new vehicle sales. They outpaced detroit, g.M., ford and chrysler that had 39%. Also the treasury secretary saying this is a widely successful program, 700,000 clunkers coming off the roads. Right now shares of ford are actually trading low. TOYOTA’s in the green, honda down in the red. Nicole, shibani, thanks for I want to bring in david, talk more about these markets. He’s from mortgage banking solutions. I want to talk about the home sales. Frankly we’re getting another positive month. In fact, you got the dow — not in a big market reaction from is there something in the data that we’re missing today? >> no. First of all we know that housing led us into this crisis. Housing’s gonna lead us out. That means all the other industries are gonna begin to the fact you reported on bed, …” – TM on Fox Business
11:06:20 AM TM $87.05 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
4 days ago (08/26)
“…Out more than $2.87 billion in that’s money that will be going to the dealers. Top five vehicles sold? Well, there’s an american model the ford focus. There you see the corolla, civic, camera and elan extra. Manufacturers, TOYOTA moved ahead of general motors in terms of clunker sales, it got the most percentage of sales, 19.4%, followed by gm, ford, honda and larry, the transportation secretary called cash for clunkers wildly successful. And I think most people in the auto industry would agree. Again, 690,000 clunkers taken off the road. >> phil, it was the only kainsian program i’ve ever supported in my life. Phil lebeau, thank you ever so i’m waiting for cash for refrigerators. Strong new home sales report …” – TM on The Call
8:18:18 AM TM $87.58 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
4 days ago (08/26)
“…waste treatment slows.Swiss Life to cut 520 jobs in Switzerland after 1H net tumbles 91%.Terra Industries rejects CF Industries’ latest bid proposal.TOYOTA to cut production capacity in Japan by 220,000 vehicles next year.Westfield Group swings to H1 loss of $590M; revs were down 6.0%.Recent Egan-Jones Rating ActionsTW TELECOM INC (TWTC)DOMINO’S PIZZA INC (DPZ)OFFICEMAX INC (OMX)HARMAN INTERNATIONAL (HAR)ASHLAND INC (ASH)NORTHEAST UTILITIES …” – TM on Zero Hedge
7:17:32 AM TM $86.60 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
4 days ago (08/26)
“…market, but once again, there were no recent news releases to warrant yesterday’s jump. FNM +5.4%, FRE +1.9%, VG +41.5% premarket (7:00 ET). TOYOTA trims output. TOYOTA (TM) plans to halt at least one production line and cut capacity as part of a push to return to profitability amid an extended industry slump. Total cuts could reach 700,000 cars, or 7% of TOYOTA’s global capacity. Chevron gas project get the go-ahead. Chevron (CVX) won Australian approval for a planned A$50B ($42B) liquefied natural gas project. The approval was one of the last steps needed to clear the way for the joint venture between Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) and Exxon …” – TM on Seeking Alpha Wall St Breakfast
3:45:27 PM TM $86.73 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…G.M. And chrysler’s biggest problem, to those who want to buy domestic cars, ford is a tough competitor. I think they’ll do well. I don’t see it gain market share from TOYOTA or honda but may gain it from g.M. And chrysler. They’ll come out the leader in the u.S. Based auto >> let me get now to cash for clunkers, the dealership deadline is tonight. Some people say this was amazing for the dealers, the traffic that came rushing on the floor spurred excitement. But the demand will drop off. What must the dealers do to keep people coming back to the floors when that incentive is pulled out from …” – TM on Countdown to the Closing Bell
3:44:05 PM TM $86.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…[brief technical difficulty] >> because g.M. And chrysler have been through a crisis and improved the financial situation, but honda, TOYOTA and in addition is an are better companies. They make better cars, more producttive and have a happier workforce. I think, I think both companies will do very well if they stabilize at the market share they’ve got now. A and they can be profitable at the market share. I’m not saying — i’m not saying doom and gloom. I’m just saying don’t expect to because they’ve been through the bankruptcy they’ll return to glory. A tough marketplace out >> ask ford. Can I get a comment on ford from you? >> well, look, I think that the advantage that ford has …” – TM on Countdown to the Closing Bell
2:57:48 PM TM $86.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…“The Nikkei, apparently a newspaper in Japan’s Wednesday edition is out already. They are saying TOYOTA will slash global production by 10% or one million vehicles as early as this fiscal year to raise utilization at underused plants. They will slash by 10% or one million vehicles. Shares are higher by 1.5%.” — CNBC’s Power Lunch 8/25/2009 TOYOTA Motors (TM) has announced they will be cutting production by 10% in anticipation of a slacking demand following the “Cash for Clunkers” program. The program has been wildly popular as the first $1 billion appropriated for the rebates was used in just over a week, and then the next $2 …” – TM on The Razor’s Edge
2:57:48 PM TM $86.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…auto industry catch a break. The other stated reason would be to replace so-called gas guzzlers on the road with more fuel efficient vehicles. TOYOTA easily fit the bill for fuel efficiency and the most popular car sold through the program has been the TOYOTA Corolla. TOYOTA claimed three of the top five vehicles for sales through the program, which undoubtedly will help them show their first increase in auto sales in the last 13 months. With the program ending, dealers and automakers are left with one big question: Now what? It is clear that the government’s …” – TM on The Razor’s Edge
2:57:48 PM TM $86.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…near future must have at least considered taking advantage of the program. There will be fewer sales over at least the next few months as a result. TOYOTA is the first we have seen announce production cuts, although we would not be surprised to see others follow suit. TOYOTA, which currently has production capacity of 10 million vehicles per year, will be reducing that capacity to 9 million as soon as this fiscal year. Furthermore, production volume is still excepted to fall well short of capacity, about 6.7 million vehicles this year. There is simply no need …” – TM on The Razor’s Edge
2:57:48 PM TM $86.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…production capabilities, it only makes sense. However, we have a hard time seeing a catalyst for sales improvement through the end of the year. TOYOTA got probably the most benefit of any automaker from Cash for Clunkers, and time will tell how much it impacts demand going forward. From an equity investor standpoint, there are some significant challenges in the months ahead that makes investing in them a bit too risky. TOYOTA Motors …” – TM on The Razor’s Edge
2:48:35 PM TM $86.68 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…be done, the recently terminated cash for clunkers subsidy for overleveraged US consumer to purchase Japanese cars, has allowed companies such as TOYOTA, Honda and Hyundai to push forward a significant amount of their sales, while relying less on the back end of their production curve. Indeed, as Detroit News recently reported, of the five major beneficiaries of Cash for Clunkers, 4 were Japanese cars, with TOYOTA representing 19.2% of all cars sold under the program. And now that they got their sales out of the door, they are winding down capacity.Here were the top five models sold into CfC:TOYOTA CorollaHonda CivicFord FocusToyota CamryHyundai ElantraSo while Obama’s ulterior motive to lever US consumers even more may or may not have worked (these are merely purchases that would have occurred eventually, and instead the US middle class will have more lease payments to look forward to …” – TM on Zero Hedge
2:48:35 PM TM $86.68 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…bloody WTO murder. Hot on the heels of this, TOYOTA today announced it would be cutting global plant production by 10%. According to MarketWatch:TOYOTA plans to cut its global capacity production by 10%, or by 1 million vehicles, as early as this fiscal year, Nikkei reported on its online edition Tuesday in a story dated for Wednesday. Production volume, which peaked at 9.5 million vehicles in 2007, is expected to fall to about 6.7 million vehicles in 2009, according to Nikkei. TOYOTA currently has a production capacity of 10 million vehicles a year.In the meantime, bankrupt dinosaurs such as GM are ramping up production, precisely in a time when there will be increasingly less demand (absent another CfC program of course, and a couple extra billion that would have to be …” – TM on Zero Hedge
2:00:45 PM TM $86.85 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…>>> car dealers have until tonight as the deadline extend the deadline once again. They are worth about $2.8 billion so far. Reports say TOYOTA will cut capacity by 10% as early as the current fiscal year and california home sales rose 12% in july compared to a year earlier when prices declined 20%. That’s the news now. I’m julia boorsten. We are live at the floor of the new york stock exchange on a tuesday. Economic news and all of it is pretty much better than expected. Stocks are higher up and housing the main headline of the day and …” – TM on Street Signs
1:16:19 PM TM $87.02 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…>>> the nikkei apparently a newspaper in japan’s wednesday edition is out already. They are saying TOYOTA will slash global production by 10% or one million vehicles as early as this fiscal year to raise utilization at underused plants. They will slash by 10% or one million vehicles. Shares are higher by 1.5%. >> let’s go to the market reporters and that’s up on the day once again women start out with bob dasani at the stock exchange. >> mr. Bernanke may be the headline number, but home builders are doing well and many are sitting at the highs for the big names have essentially …” – TM on Power Lunch
8:16:25 AM TM $86.45 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
5 days ago (08/25)
“…This after a final filing blitz yesterday overwhelmed the entire final numbers for the program initial final numbers that is include 625,000 cars sold with 2 1/2 billion dollars in rebates requested. The TOYOTA corolla was the top >>> general motors is ditching putting the company logo on its the automaker will gradually phase out the gm mark of excellence to put more emphasis on individual brands starting with next year’s models. And gm may be holding on to its german unit opel. Gm’s board did not pick a winner in the bidding process in its meeting on friday. Instead the board is now asking management to raise 4.3 billion dollars as financing to potentially rejuvenate those we will keep you up-to-date as we hear more. Now back over to alexis. Jenna. …” – TM on Money For Breakfast
3:34:39 PM TM $85.76 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
6 days ago (08/24)
“…Ford motor down 4%. We have been hearing about ford saying they’re going to ramp up the production. G.M. And TOYOTA motormotor. Cash for clunkers end tonight. This is a group when I go group by group, this is all doing great today. Oil finishing up .6%. 48 cents. Creeping higher. Let’s go to shibani at the nasdaq. >> nicole, the nasdaq still kind of in in tandem trying to figure out if we’ll end in green or red. We don’t know how. Flat on the day. Bring attention to headlines on the dow jones regarding big technology names. …” – TM on Countdown to the Closing Bell
9:01:06 AM TM $86.20 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
6 days ago (08/24)
“…Mentioned more than 2 billion the national automobile dealers are asking for an extension and according to them computer failures and crashes and as they process the vouchers, like for more time to be handled. TOYOTA corolla is number one in the program. Honda civic number two, ford focus best american car at number three and u.S. Automakers with a 41% share in case you’re keeping score at home. Back to you. Alexis: thank you. Rockdale securities analyst dick bove say there will be more bank failures during this crisis, a lot more. Connell mcshane is here with the connell: a battle of the analyst in terms of how many banks are going to fail it seems like. Meredith whitney made headlines throwing the number 300 out and dick bove has the numbers, more than 250 more banks will fail …” – TM on The Opening Bell on Fox Business
6:56:03 AM TM $86.34 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
6 days ago (08/24)
“…Production can go up 40% in the second half of this year. And still be 25% lower than it was in 2005-2006. >> but did you see how the share prices of a lot of the japanese automakers like nissan and TOYOTA dropped when the announcement came out they were ending cash for clunkers early? They rely so much on u.S. Demand for japanese autos. >> you got one, too, bob? >> yes, I did. It is mastering the art of french cooking. You have to see the movie "julie & julia" which meryl streep is I wrote my only book and I was watching and I thought, no, "mastering the art of free market capitalism." …” – TM on Squawk Box
6:27:49 PM TM $86.34 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…Come to market and the stimulus has worked part of it obviously blog vehicles that have low fuel economy, high fuel economy. Neil: what are they buying? What has done particularly >> the TOYOTA lineup on the comments civic and accord, the nissan, for focus, for fusion, ford escape, some of the gm cars has been very successful. Neil: it but americans to saying any car they want with TOYOTA or nissan but was it the government’s attention — intention to see the concord money to go to buy foreign cars? >> I do believe it is the most effective stimulus yet and if you look at the manufacturers of all they have a lot of plans america lot of suppliers that are being impacted by the price it — crisis so I think it works exactly the way it was designed and got vehicles off the road it stimulated business that you see the factories increasing production and I think it was …” – TM on Cavuto
5:05:02 PM TM $86.34 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…It’s going to end the clunkers program today. And, of course, that is ahead of the expiration of the program, so, it is ending the program today. >> well, I mean, once you find out now is if all these automakers can actually stand on you actually saw TOYOTA motors down today, the TOYOTA corolla was the top-selling vehicle in cash for clunkers. It was down. Ford has been tepid in its cash for clunkers is ending. We’ll talk about it more. Okay, guys, training wheels off. Ride on your own. >>> okay. We’re bringing this headline to you. I’m sorry, I have the producer in my ear. >> but you’re not. You’re listening but you’re not. Go ahead. >> i’d listening and to the voice in my year. Autonation is the biggest retailer of autos in the country, so this is huge. A lot of people will be looking for cars ahead of the deadline …” – TM on Fast Money
4:29:51 PM TM $86.34 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…>> we welcome a dealer in portland, oregon that says the program that gave dealers a much needed boost, and a dealer from TOYOTA saying the program was more trouble than it was worse. We have been talking to dealers that were having trouble cash wise. Is your problem that bureaucrats are in charge or the whole design of the program? >> both. The whole design I don’t like. If they wanted to prop up an industry, it could be done with tax credits. It would be more efficient. Tax credits could be administered by the irs. You wouldn’t have a giant, …” – TM on Bulls & Bears
4:28:20 PM TM $86.34 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…The top five, lantra, ford focus, TOYOTA camry, honda viffic and TOYOTA corolla. >> two of the eight were u.S. Car companies. What was dumped? >> number ten, the most popular vehicle dumped in the cash for clunker’s program, the ford wind star van. Remember that one? >> you won’t after this. A lot of them have been crushed. The ford 150 ford wheel drive number eight. A chevy blazer, dodge caravan, …” – TM on Bulls & Bears
3:51:33 PM TM $86.40 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…Right back. Stay with us. With the dow up 1 2/3%. You’re watching "the closing well, do they know this malibu 33 mpg highway? They never heard that. Which is better TOYOTA camry or honda accord? They’re stunned. They can’t believe it. They need a minute. I had a feeling they would. There’s never been more …” – TM on Closing Bell
1:47:49 PM TM $86.30 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…Were at before clunkers. We have brought 10 down to 11.1. We are forecasting it will go up to 13.7 million. >> when you look at the break down with the players, we talked about TOYOTA gaining share on gm, but has that changed as a result of ford not being in the same position and accepting government money like gm and talk about ford versus TOYOTA? >> we think ford and TOYOTA will be in a horse race for the number one position as we look out over the next five years or >> have you heard about sales strategies post clunkers? I think they want to take three or four weeks and how much of taken place. Over whether or not they’ll bring production down to increase it and keep it in mind …” – TM on Power Lunch
1:24:32 PM TM $86.32 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…Hyundai alan tra, number 5, made in korea. U.S. Camry, foreign car but made in the u.S. Focus four top rank you have the manufacturer car. The honda civic, made in japan. The number one car, TOYOTA corolla, that’s a foreign car but made in the u.S. You can parse it either way. Who are the top sales in number five, chrysler, honda 13%, ford 15%. G.M. Jumped ahead of ford selling 17% but the big winner was TOYOTA, 19% although the two top selling models as we reported made in the u.S. And, finally, other winners, you’ll love this, environmentalists winners because these new cars get 58 percent better mileage. Hybrids, 4.5% purchased were hybrids. Usually only 2 or 3% are uaw is a winner, big favorite g.M., ford and chrysler have all increased production for cars and the dealers are winers although they still say show us the money. We’ve only got about $150 …” – TM on Fox Business
12:48:47 PM TM $86.46 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…He was carrying a backpack and he was wearing kind of a ripped up golf shirt and a pair of jeans when I saw him on the plane. That’s not your typical detroit auto executive ceo. Jim press spent most of his time out on the west coast when he was with TOYOTA. He wasn’t in some ways your ideal perfect auto industry executive either. Things are changing in detroit. They’re changing fast. I’d be interested to hear exactly what shook out here why jim press decided to leave. >> tom: jeff flock in chicago. >> thank you, sir. >> tom: you bet. Switching subjects. Even in these tough economic times, some stories are booming with back-to-school business. Some stores are doing that. …” – TM on Fox Business
12:47:37 PM TM $86.41 Toyota Motor Corp. ADS
9 days ago (08/21)
“…I just talked to contact inside chrysler and they had not heard the word yet. So we’re still trying to confirm now it’s "wall street journal" citing sources saying jim press perhaps best known for his 37 year at TOYOTA came to chrysler two years ago, brought in by cerberus as part of an all-star management team. They brought in jim pressen, known as a great dealer guy and guy responsible for what TOYOTA accomplished in the u.S. With the tremendous success that it had. But he never really got great traction at TOYOTA. He’s been there only two years and, you know, when he was on recently, he said that the cutting of the dealers was the toughest thing he’d ever been through in the auto industry. It really was a tough time for he also decided to stay on when the new management came in when fiat took over. Bob nardelli left. Tom la sword do who was a long chrysler executive also left. The thought was jim press would stay on and have a larger role. If wall street sources are correct, mr. Press will be departing. Did great things at TOYOTA, not able to duplicate it at >> tom: what do you attribute this to? Is it jim press saying that was the worst thing he’s had to go through or — so he’s bailing or fiat, the got the government, the uaw. Did one of them push him? >> at this point I don’t know. I think the fact he stayed on was some indication he wanted to remain there. He didn’t have any indication that he was saying he was fed up. You know, the fact is that sergio markioni, the new ceo of …” – TM on Fox Business
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