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The TJX Companies, Incorporated (TJX)

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2-Year Price History

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(9/1 12:09PM)
Open$36.09 Mkt Cap$14.9 Billion
High$36.3 52Wk High$37.39
Low$35.3 52Wk Low$17.80
Volume2.4 Million Avg Vol 10D5.5 Million

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TJX Revenue

Cash earnings is the most important factor in our analysis, but it goes without saying that if a company cannot produce sales then there is no ability to generate cash flow. By that logic we look very closely at revenue numbers as our second most important factor in valuing a company’s stock. We have established reasonable Price to Sales per share ranges based on historical data of the last 10 years. For, TJX the high and low end of the Price to Sales per share ratios are 1.00x and 0.67x respectively.

Notice that TJX’s current Price to Sales per share ratio is 0.73x, which is slightly under its historical average. This level of Price to Sales gives us a fairly neutral position on the TJX shares. We would like to see a drop in the Price to Sales ratio just a little bit more (given current sales figures) before we would become more positive on a Price to Sales basis. Such a drop would increase the attractiveness of the stock but, as always, would need to be considered in the context of all other valuation factors.

TJX Cash Earnings

Cash Earnings is always one of the most important factors to review for a company and, more importantly, an investment in a stock. TJX is below its historical average multiple of Cash Earnings. Looking at the last 10 years we can get a good understanding of what investors have grown to expect from TJX. For example, TJX’s Cash Earnings ratio per share has fluctuated between 10.08 and 14.95 over this historical timeframe. This range is based upon a proprietary weighted methodology at Ockham, but can clearly show an investor where TJX is with respect to prior business periods.

At its current price of $36.53, the Price to Cash Earnings ratio of 11.17 per share for TJX is relatively attractive. At current profitability levels, a drop in share price would only improve our future expectations. Again, Cash Earnings is an incredibly valuable metric, and management at TJX must continue on its generation to improve our overall outlook for the stock.

TJX Dividends

When determining a company’s future prospects for success, Ockham Research sees analysis of dividend payments as a key additional factor. Even though it isn’t imperative for TJX to shell out a dividend in order to receive a positive rating, it can be helpful to further our analysis.

The estimated annual dividend for TJX is $0.48 producing a current dividend yield of 1.31%. Much like our evaluation of Sales and Cash Earnings per share, we review dividend yields from TJX against the historic high and low levels over all available dividend history. Because dividends are a decision made exclusively by management, we view a healthy and rising dividend as a sign of confidence and strength. The highest dividend yield from TJX over previous years was 2.70% while the lowest dividend yield was 0.43%. While it is quite common for a growth stock to pay no dividend at all, but for a mature company such as TJX that has a history of paying dividends it is disappointing to see their dividend yield drop so significantly. At this time, the current dividend yield is 16.29% below the median yield.

Peer Comparison


The TJX Companies, Inc. Industry Grouping

Company Ticker Market Cap (Ml) Latest
Price/Cash Earnings Price/Sales 5-Yr. Rev.
Growth Rate
Avg. ROE.
Current 10-Yr. Range* Current 10-Yr. Range*
Peer Company Averages (not incuding TJX) 10.00 4.77 » 32.50 0.70 0.36 » 2.51 7.62% 19.92%
*10 year range does not include current year values
Kohl’s Corp. KSS $15.8 Billion $51.59 11.28 5.19 » 47.47 0.89 0.45 » 3.90 9.77% 15.90%
Best Buy Company, Inc. BBY $15.1 Billion $36.28 8.51 3.80 » 32.92 0.32 0.15 » 1.21 12.89% 23.80%
The TJX Companies, Inc. TJX $14.9 Billion $35.95 11.17 5.49 » 15.99 0.73 0.39 » 1.05 7.35% 37.28%
The Kroger Company KR $14.1 Billion $21.59 5.14 3.58 » 13.13 0.18 0.16 » 0.47 7.16% 18.49%
The Gap, Inc. GPS $13.7 Billion $19.65 9.23 4.24 » 31.28 0.94 0.45 » 3.36 -1.73% 20.06%
Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. BBBY $9.6 Billion $36.48 15.87 7.03 » 37.69 1.19 0.58 » 3.64 9.99% 21.36%

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The Latest Financial News
6:38:52 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…Now, bj’s was originally spun off by TJX. Now i’m crowning it the discount king over all the others. TJX, costco, big lots and ross. Investing is all about making choices. Evaluating similar companies and picking the best one based on the week’s analysis of best. You’ve got the king. Here’s the bottom line. Now you know how to compare companies in the same space to arrive at the best stock, which when it comes to discount retailers, is bj’s. I bow to no one except for berkeley and jenson, the house …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:37:30 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…Out of five, bj’s is the least it’s up 7%. Costco is up 32%. Big lots is up 47%. TJX, it’s up 73%. And katy couric’s store is up 58%. Bj’s is also the cheapest. This big boy, costco, sells at 18 times 2010 earnings. They’ve got a similar growth rate. Big lots, ever so slightly higher at 12 times earnings. It trades at a really significant discount. Projected rates are higher than bj’s. I think the street’s earnings forecasts could come down as bullish analysts start to that I know i’m ahead of. Bj’s has the fewest stores. Only 180. …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:36:06 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…Bj’s is the — let’s hear it for it should bowe bj’s. They are the discount king. They’re better than big lots. We have to look at the down side risk. Even though big lots is exposed to the supply issues of TJX or ross stores, it still has them. While big lots is trying to approve its hideous and messy stores and less than ideal customer service, wink, poke, just a wink, wink, wink. Less than ideal customer service. Where is it, where is it? What do I always use when i’m winking. We don’t know that the company will succeed. Bj’s has none of these problems. Plus we’re entering a period of recovery where the trade-down play may go out the window. But I think bj’s is much less vulnerable to the collapse of …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:34:57 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…Say fewer customers ss will trade down to ross because there’s nothing keeping them other than the low prices. I happen to like my ross store. I think it’s nice. But i’m not crazy — i’d rather go to macy’s. I know management at ross stores are more bullish than TJX, but they not be managing either way, I can’t make ross in speet of its strongeshcuse because of that sourcing problem that is going to be a problem now it’s time, now it’s time to anoint the king. We’ve ruled out ross. We’ve ruled out TJX because of their off-price retail model. We’ve ruled out costco because it’s the most expensive stock in the warehouse club business, which leaves us with bj’s and big lot, which is a hybrid of the warehouse model and the we’re finally down to the real thunder dome experience. Break the deal. Face the wheel. Two stocks enter, one stock leaves. Or maybe it’s hilander. I couldn’t book sean conary either. …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:33:26 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…Most are down 7% to 12%. Inventory is down an amazing 9%. So we will not have giveaway sales at ross stores. They won’t need those big sales to move unwanted merchandise because they don’t have any. And ross was also optimistic about the second half. That’s different from TJX. They raised four-year guidance for very different — very, very different from the dismal picture that I thought TJX management had on its conference I like that ross is also significantly smaller than TJX. They only had 990 stores. Txz has 2,609 and they’ve got them everywhere. That means that ross has more room to expand. Management thinks they can get to 1,500 stores. Hey, you know what, that’s going time. Hey, and we know ross, ross dress for less, it has a fashion katy couric stops there. Or at least she did when she was at nbc. But at the end of the day, ross seems to have the same sourcing problem that TJX does. The company is not in control of its own destiny because its …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:31:42 PM TJX $37.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…The clamation death match. I want you to have the best risk/reward and pick that one over the rest. It’s like an nfl draft, so to okay? Doing those, so I mentioned so far I talked about TJX, a business model that might not work here. And what we’ve heard from the department stores, inventories are down, cash is high, the business is great. TJX doesn’t — it can’t thrive as well in an environment where full-priced retailers are going today it hit its 52-week high. I’m going to find something cheaper. On tuesday we had a duke-out between warehouse clubs. Costco and bjs. Bjs was coming on strong. Thanks to stronger same-store sales, a wider selection of merchandise, more growth potential, and a cheaper stock. You cannot buy a stock just because you can craft a free …” – TJX on Mad Money
3:00:18 PM TJX $37.12 The TJX Companies, Inc.
4 days ago (08/27)
“…At the market here before we go. On the day we’re up 44 points but that doesn’t really tell the whole story because we started day. We’ve had I atriple-digit we were above 9,600 a short time ago. TJX, which is t.J. Maxx, hitting a 52-week high. I’m melissa francis in for erin i’ll see you here tomorrow as up next is "the closing bell" with maria bartiromo. >> announcer: this is cnbc.Com "news now." >>> the treasury — sold $28 billion in seven-year notes. >>> a&e networks is buying lifetime entertainment for an the deal gives nbc universal a in a&e, a stake in lifetime which is jointly owned by its two partners. >>> sanford financial cfo james davis has pleaded guilty to three felony counts for his role …” – TJX on Street Signs
10:42:11 AM TJX $36.50 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/27)
“…though he is bullish on the stock market, there must be a discount retailer stock that stands out above the rest. Thus far he has disqualified both TJX Companies (TJX) and Costco (COST), but BJ’s Wholesale Club (BJ) is still in the running. Last night, he delved into Big Lots (BIG), which recently reported a very good quarter and raised guidance for the second straight quarter. As Cramer mentioned, only Apple (AAPL) and (CRM) have beaten the …” – TJX on The Razor’s Edge
10:42:11 AM TJX $36.50 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/27)
“…is, that is the double play we’re looking for and only Apple and have given us that combination in any meaningful way… Big Lots, like TJX, sells closeout merchandise. It buys brand name products from vendors who have too much inventory and are ready to fire-sale their goods, sell, sell, sell. Where Big Lots buys in bulk, a la BJ’s and Costco…It’s because Big Lots was much more confident about the second half on its conference call that TJX has been. Management sees major improvements in earnings and same-store sales in the fourth quarter. While TJX had a much more negative outlook. …On its conference call, Big Lots mentioned recently landing big new closeout deals as a reason they’re positive about the future, so they’re clearly not in the same boat as TJX. How about the key metrics for Big Lots, same store sales, margins, we’re comparing all of those. But management was more optimistic in the second half of the year, predicting same-store sales would be down to 2% to flat in the third quarter and slightly positive in the fourth quarter. That’s …” – TJX on The Razor’s Edge
10:42:11 AM TJX $36.50 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/27)
“…and don’t need to dump anything. The company also had gross margin, how much money it makes after sales, up to 40%. That is a profitable discounter. TJX’s is much smaller, it’s 25.5%. And that’s probably going to come under pressure, I believe, because of sourcing problems. Then why am I not just standing on the table saying you should be buying Big Lots? My big, main complaint about Big Lots, why I consider it the notorious B.I.G. Lots, it …” – TJX on The Razor’s Edge
10:42:11 AM TJX $36.50 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/27)
“…From the March 6th lows, Big Lots had a huge run. It’s up 50%. Normally that alone would disqualify it from the running. But wait a second, TJX is up 70% so while I’m not happy that we missed as much of this Big Lots move, although Dan Fitzpatrick, our chartist from off the charts, did catch it. I can’t boot the darn stock from it’s run. And even though Big Lots’ growth rate is just under 10% is in line with other retailers, home goods and retail companies, it trades at only 12.5 times expected earnings, two points below TJX Companies and well below Costco, which trades at 18.7 times…Big Lots is in the running for discount king, and at the very least, it’s discount bishop …” — CNBC’s Mad Money 8/26/2009 There you have it, Big Lots is still in contention for the coronation for discount king. From a valuation …” – TJX on The Razor’s Edge
6:44:17 PM TJX $36.60 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/26)
“…>> we got a suite at texas come join us. >> I got a jumbotron the size of that one in my loving room. Go ahead. >> caller: I got a question for you about kirkland. After their earnings release today, do you think kirkland has the holiday season? >> I have to put kirkland in the scale of a TJX. One of the things we’re doing the discount — discount bakeoff this week in kirkland should have been included. It happens to be too small. It’s only about $250 million but they put up some good numbers and I think it goes higher. How about thomas in colorado. Thomas? A big michigan state spartan boo-yah to ya! >> now you got me all confused. I figured you would have given my a buff boo-yah. Instead a spartan boo-yah. I will take it where I can get what’s on your mind? >> caller: I currently have sun micro-java soon to become …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:36:42 PM TJX $36.51 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/26)
“…It is to convert it to a how about the stock, how about will I name it to discount stock king? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The march 6th lows, big lots had a huge run. It’s up 50%. Normally that alone would disqualify it from the running. But wait a second, TJX is up 70% so while i’m not happy that we missed as much of this big lot move, although dan fitzpatrick, our chartist from off the charts, did catch it. I can’t boot the darn stock from it’s run a lot. And even though big lots’ growth rate is just under 10% is in line with other retailers, home goods and retail companies, it trades at only 12.5 times expect two points below TJX and well below cosco, which trades at 18.7 times. Cosco is lower than bjs. Here’s the bottom line about bic even though b.I.G. Lots sells cheap merchandise, a lot of its discretionary tied to housing, which is why it’s in the running for discount king, and at the very least, it’s discount bishop or discount rook. John in carolina. John? Big unc wilmington see hawk, b, …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:34:05 PM TJX $36.51 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/26)
“…Where other retailers were stocking last christmas and the last 13% is joys, jewelry and, here’s my friend kathy, the old caterpillar. Big lots, like TJX, sells closeout merchandise. It buys brand name products from vendors who have too much inventory and are ready to fire-sale their goods, sell, sell, sell. Where big lots buys in bulk, a la bjs and cosco, with 20% of its merchandise coming directly I said TJX has to be worried earlier this week because its model gives it a sourcing environment in an environment where other retailers are flush with cash and vo lean inventories. They will have to pay much higher prices for the goods because the closeout sales are not there. Everybody’s inventory is too I think that’s where TJX is so what makes big lots different than TJX? Mainly it’s because big lots was much more confident about the second half on its conference call that TJX has been. Management sees major improvements in earnings and same-store sales. Fourth quarter. While TJX had a much more negative outlook. The other difference TJX sells mostly a pal while big lots has a much more diversified mix. On its conference call, big lots mentioned recently landing big new closeout deals as a reason they’re positive about the so they’re clearly not in the same boat as TJX. How about the key met terrorism for big lots, same store sales, margins, we’re comparing all of those. But management was more optimistic in the second half of the year, predicting same-store sales wb down to 2% to flat in the third quarter and slightly positive in the fourth quarter. That’s the one we care about, but it is up against something easy to compare, the fourth quarter of last year. It same-store sales were down 3.2% last year. That could be easy to improve upon. Inventories, here’s some big big lots finished inventories down 4%, compared to last year at this time. That’s fabulous. You know why? No further discounting because they’re lean and don’t need to dump anything. The company also had gross how much money it makes after sales, up 40%. That is a profitable discounter. TJX is much smaller, it’s 25.5%. And that’s probably going to come under pressure, I believe, because of sourcing problems. Then why am I not just standing on the table saying you should be buying big lots? My big, main complaint about big lots, why I consider it the notorious b.I.G. Lots has been purely anecdotal but it’s still a powerful one for me. I had a bad experience at my big one time I visited the big lots often route 22. It was incredibly disorganized, this is not a company that scores very high on the danny meyer hospitality scale. Remember, he’s the restauranteur …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:29:35 PM TJX $36.51 The TJX Companies, Inc.
5 days ago (08/26)
“…Discounter leaves. It’s my effort to show you how to evaluate stocks like a professional. My goal is to make you a better investor how I pit household against each other to try to arrive at the stock with the so far we looked at TJX, which i’m now calling the discount pawn, or maybe knight, as it deserves a more senior appleation with its city of good going over the warehouse stores, cosco and bjs, where I think bjs can be maybe a contender for the discount crown. Despite what I say, the storiesye stores perhaps my personal love of the store samples I try to make a meal of. How do you think I got rich in the first place. I always fast before going to a …” – TJX on Mad Money
10:56:29 AM TJX $36.54 The TJX Companies, Inc.
6 days ago (08/26)
“…is a contender for discount king.”– CNBC’s Mad Money 8/25/2009 This week, Cramer is searching for the discount king, and on Monday he ruled out TJX Companies (TJX) from the competition. When discussing discount retailers, the conversation quickly turns to warehouse stores which offer deep discounts for bulk purchases. There are three major players with Costco (COST), B.J.’s Wholesale Club (BJ) and Sam’s Club (WMT), but only the first two have the …” – TJX on The Razor’s Edge
6:28:51 PM TJX $36.48 The TJX Companies, Inc.
6 days ago (08/25)
“…Since the march 6th lows. Costco is up 27%. S&p 500 is up 51%. The last year. None of those are like the over at TJX. That’s another reason why I decided that’s not the right why wrou plays? Because as the economy recoveries, companies that hit their customers with membership fees are more likely to keep those customers, you know, whereas, you know — if they have more money and can afford to shop somewhere else. Good or bad picture? Once you pay for the membership you’re not going to not shop at their stores. How do we tell which one is …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:27:20 PM TJX $36.48 The TJX Companies, Inc.
6 days ago (08/25)
“…I’m putting five stocks into the arena and comparing them. This is what I used to do at the old hedge fund. This is to teach you how to analyze stocks as a pro. If you caught last night’s show, I don’t care for TJX right here, the parent company of t.J. Max and marshall, because it has a sourcing problem. But right now inventories are drods, they’re lean, they’re lean, they’re down. Nobody wants to off-load any unwanted merchandise, because there isn’t any. That meaning they’ll have to pay through the nose for product, making it more of a discount knight or rook than the discount what’s next? We don’t want a retailer with the same problem, so we need …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:11:25 PM TJX $36.48 The TJX Companies, Inc.
6 days ago (08/25)
“…>> between aeropostal and buckle, any weakness, I say buy. But they have distinguished themselves in this decline as having momentum and doing a good I include urban and TJX, but you know how I feel about TJX going forward. Congratulations mr. Bernanke. Congratulations consumer to feeling the good idea to buy a home. Congratulations investors. >>> coming up, one upgrade and one downgrade, how do you sort it all out? Turn to cramer as he decide one stock has run out of steam or just start to go heat up. >>> plus it’s a competition of warehouse proportions, a week-long competition continues …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:41:17 PM TJX $34.95 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7 days ago (08/24)
“…Dick’s has another five innings left to it. Great buy. You’re close to the situation. Our callers are making money. How happy does that make me? Well, i’ve got to tell you, let’s not be greedy, though. That’s a major lesson of this show. TJX did not have the goods to be I think if you own it, you should ring the register and stay tuned all week until I anoint the best discounters. Stay with cramer. >>> coming up, feel the thunder approaching, as jim takes a full-on blitz from cramericans. Can he handle the pressure on the flash fire "lightning >>> and later, cramer takes all your questions and gives you the quick-fire responses you so crave. Cramericans, we want to hear from you, so send jim an e-mail …” – TJX on Mad Money
6:38:12 PM TJX $35.00 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7 days ago (08/24)
“…These stocks. So, where should we look for the let’s start with the off-price retailer that is by far the best, execution! TJX, which you might know as tj maxx or maybe marshals, where I got my first suit. I’m not kidding. Home goods and a.J. Wright, totaled 2,700 off-store retail stores in the u.S., canada and europe. TJX buys product for little and sells to the consumer and has done incredibly well during the recession. Its same-store sales, an important metric in retail. It compares stores that have been open a year with how they did 12 months ago and were up 4% this past quarter. That sounds small, but most others are seeing negative retail sales, some down as much as 12%, 15%. TJX’s inventories were down 4%. That’s another sign of good management and strong execution. Inventory is the nemesis of all retailers, because if you have too much that means you’ve got to throw all kinds of sales and other profit-recking deals to move your merchandise. TJX, loaded with cash. $1.5 billion on the balance nice buyback, $625 million. Customer traffic’s up. Company even plans to open 25 more stores than it originally intended this year. Not many retailers can say that. TJX has done a killer job with advertising, using a duel-branding strategy with tj maxx and marshall’s that’s allowed the company to hit 30% or 40% of the market that previously hadn’t been exposed to TJX’s television campaign. That’s pretty good. They even came up with new concepts — runway, which is more of a designer boutique and still in only a few t.X. Max stores, and the junior’s cube for the younger demo, at about 400 marshall’s stores, about half the chain, and should help with the back-to-school season. But with TJX’s stock up 64% year-to-date versus a 24% increase in the s&p retail index and a 10% increase in the s&p 500, mm-mmm. Mm-mmm. I think the upside is in the get this, here’s a way you’d of the 20 analysts who cover this stock, 15 rate it a buy. Hey, who’s left? Who’s left to upgrade? Just a couple of guys. So, does that make TJX the not a chance. This is a company that at this point in the cycle’s not controlled its destiny. No matter how well-run TJX is, it’s got what I call a high-quality sourcing problem. Think about how TJX works. It needs to have cheap merchandise that it bought at typically behind the scenes from a big retailer who is desperate for cash or an apparel company that is desperate for cash. Remember, it’s a closeout chain. It also benefited from its, well, let’s call it the prap competitor for its home goods business, linens and things, by the way, that also helped bed, bath and beyond. Both of these two growth engines are going away in the second half of the year. So, we’re not going to have easy you see, right now, other retailers are doing so well. Don’t look at the papers. They’re dead wrong on this. With so little inventory and so much cash that they have no reason to fire sale their goods to TJX. When everyone else has lean inventories like they do now, there’s nothing to dump it TJX’s now, I think this is the reason that the conference call was so it was the worst of any retail conference call barring lowe’s and family dollar. Despite the misinformation piece the "wall street journal" published about tj maxx’s quarter last week, I quote from this misdirection play — tj maxx’s earnings rose amid stronger sales and margins and the off-price retailer indicated it sees more strong results ahead as it expands its number of stores and customers." the person who wrote that couldn’t possibly have been on the conference call, where management took down earnings estimates fairly severely versus what the street was looking for and gave you no real hope. They indicated tougher and disappointing times ahead. I think the reason TJX lowered guidance is that management is worried it won’t have enough cheap management to make the numbers. It makes all the sense in the world to me as someone who has monitored inventory all my life. They’re right to be cautious. The stock trades at 13.4 times 2010 earnings, 10% growth rate. So, it’s about in line with other off-price retailers. I think the down side, though, hasn’t been priced into the stock, yet notice the stock did go down when they reported. There’s too much upside baked in, even at these levels, and it might not come through because of TJX’s dependence on cheap merchandise from ailing give that other retailers haven’t built inventory, they’ve worked it off, and there isn’t much stuff for sale cheaply, I think TJX was right to be bearish. The confusion comes in because the public’s been brain-washed by the press into thinking that retail stumbling with a bad back-to-school season and excess that would be nirvana from TJX. You should be buying if the media were right. Obviously, the media’s wrong and the facts don’t square with the stock. Here’s the bottom line — TJX could not be anointed discount king as much as the past indicated it was. I consider it more of a discount rook or maybe a discount knight, as the best may be behind it. Its execution was great, but management was right to slash guidance on the call. The future just isn’t as bright for TJX without other retailers I think it’s peaked. I think it’s headed to the off-price bin itself. Why don’t we talk to ron in ron. >> caller: jimmy. >> speak to me, partner. >> caller: greetings from my hometown, tampa, florida. >> oh, boy, the bucs! I don’t know, got to solve a lot of controversy there, go ahead. >> caller: and my alma mater, university of south carolina. >> we like usf, we think that …” – TJX on Mad Money
11:18:07 AM TJX $35.09 The TJX Companies, Inc.
12 days ago (08/20)
“…$10.55 billion. As total same-store sales for combined sears and kmart dropped 8.6%. >> okay, thank you so much. Mary thompson. For more about this week’s ups and downs out of the retail sector, home depot, target, TJX, all beating estimates that sears, sax and lowe’s all falling short, we want to go to our guests to ask this question here. What does it all mean for the retail recovery, and high-he said versus low end? We asked jan nicen, retail great to see you, jan. Thanks for coming on the >> thanks to you. >> so make sense of this. Why are we seeing some positive results from some of these guys, and yet such dismal results from others? >> well, the low end certainly is the place to be in this probably will be for a while. …” – TJX on The Call
6:12:38 PM TJX $34.72 The TJX Companies, Inc.
12 days ago (08/19)
“…This is my favorite in the end. What’s the most positive piece about retail they have? First of all, nothing too this is the most positive piece. Tj maxx profit increases 31%. Are you sitting down? TJX company second quarter earnings rose 31% amid stronger sales and margins as the off-price retailer indicated it sees results ahead as they expand the stores and customers. More solid stores ahead. This is totally, totally wrong. 90% opposed on the conference call where management took down the good numbers and indicated tougher and more disappointing times ahead. In fact, other than lowe’s and family dollar, the TJX call was the single most cautionary. If you listen to the most jaw-dropping call I was on. I would like to know the story about why that is. How could TJX do so well and the TJX needs to have cheap merchandise that they buy and discount for other retailers desperate for cash. TJX is the chain talking about marshalls. The other retailers are doing hate to mention marshall’s, you probably heard of it. The other retailers are doing so well, so little inventory, so much cash, they don’t need to they’re worried they won’t have enough cheap merchandise to make the numbers and the downbeat call and the downgrade in stocks. TJX was caution. How are you supposed to make this much money on this how are you supposed to profit when the stories you read are biassed and incorrect. You would think there’s a fifth here’s the bottom line. You have to be skeptical when it comes to the press. And i’ll show you how every because i’m not about planting the news to make you scared, paralyzed, or worst of all, a seller when you should be a buyer or vice versa. I’m here to interpret the news correctly to help you try to make money. They don’t even report. So let me teach you how to …” – TJX on Mad Money
3:10:11 PM TJX $34.41 The TJX Companies, Inc.
13 days ago (08/18)
“…Also noting more affluent consumers are turning to them. Speak of affluent consumers, luxury department store chain sacks delivering a smaller than expected loss thanks to expense controls and TJX one of the few to see both profits and sales the ceo says traffic greatly increasing but the average spend on a per customer basis is still the key is discipline. These retailers are proving they’ve learn it had from previous mistakes. The question going forward is, will sales growth snap back before there’s no cost left to cut. That will be a big one. >> that’s a really important thanks so much. Rebecca jarvis. Joining us now, rich peterson is with us. …” – TJX on Closing Bell
3:00:37 PM TJX $34.47 The TJX Companies, Inc.
13 days ago (08/18)
“…Expected earnings from big retailers. Target beat the street. With help from me. They’re suffering the eighth straight quarterly profit decline. TJX enjoying a 31% quarterly profit boost. Saks with loss less than expected. We have home depot, target and saks moving higher. A shot in the arm. Novavak shares bouncing after they announced progress creating a swine flu vaccine. So far only tested onner if er if onner if rits — ferrets. Did you have one? …” – TJX on Countdown to the Closing Bell
1:47:24 PM TJX $34.20 The TJX Companies, Inc.
13 days ago (08/18)
“…Get these expectations. Saks, beat expectations. TJX reported a 31 cent jump in the stock is up 3.3%. Moving along. We’ve been bringing you the story since last week. $140 million worth of stimulus money in new york supposed to help welfare families buy school supplies. Some was spent when parents bought beer, cigarettes, et cetera, et cetera. The misspent money of the part of the story has been largely ignored by the big media liz trotter joins us once again. Was pretty much neglected by the …” – TJX on Fox Business
12:28:14 PM TJX $33.91 The TJX Companies, Inc.
13 days ago (08/18)
“…Because the consumer is so used to the coupons and the sales and the like? >> that is still important, and as a result, you’re seeing the off-mall value retailers gain share, TJX and gold are seeing traffic improvement and share in so the consumer cares a lot about value, but the fact is, there is less inventory out there, they’ll have to promote less. But I still think you are seeing this morning they are shifting price points, to more accessible price points, less of the higher end, more aspiration al price so I think the consumer is looking for good and better as opposed to best. >> on the earnings season side, doesn’t seem to be a revenue earnings season. So i’m wondering with regard to …” – TJX on Power Lunch
8:51:46 AM TJX $35.00 The TJX Companies, Inc.
14 days ago (08/18)
“…To be able to put into their homes, whether existing or new homes that they beat on the bottom line is a good thing. It is all coming through cost-cutting, and I would expect that to be the story going forward. Charles: malcolm, also just so we have a news alert here, TJX just reported 61 cents versus 60 cents again in that retailing space but they keep beating on the bottom line. >> TJX we like. It is really kind of an it’s kind of a discounter. You go into TJX. They do a lot of things to keep their costs down from going into I think it’s their — some of their stores that have the bars on the carts to keep the carts from disappearing, little things to keep costs down is a great and if they can reduce costs and reduce the price point to the stores, that’s a good thing. Charles: thanks a lot malcolm. At least we got one buy out of you this morning appreciate it. >> thanks much. Charles: my charles choice real quickly for this morning looking at garmin. It exploded on earnings, gave a …” – TJX on Money For Breakfast
8:04:13 AM TJX $35.40 The TJX Companies, Inc.
14 days ago (08/18)
“…consumer sentiment reading last week. So all eyes will be on a crop of varied retailers reporting earnings today: Home Depot, Target, TJX and Saks. In a client note yesterday, David Lutz, managing director of equity trading at Stifel Nicolaus, wrote that the earnings reports from retailers will be “scrutinized more than normal given concerns raised by Friday’s consumer confidence number.” Home Depot was out early reporting fiscal …” – TJX on WSJ Marketbeat
7:17:00 AM TJX $35.40 The TJX Companies, Inc.
14 days ago (08/18)
“…Starts 8:30 Producer Price Index 8:55 Redbook 5:00 PM ABC Consumer Confidence Index Notable earnings before Tuesday’s open: HD, SKS, SOLF, TGT, TJX Notable earnings after Tuesday’s close: ADI, HPQ, HSTX Seeking Alpha editor Eli Hoffmann contributed to this post. Get Wall Street Breakfast by email — it’s free and takes only seconds to sign up. After you finish reading Wall Street BreakfastSeeking Alpha’s Market Currentswill keep you …” – TJX on Seeking Alpha Wall St Breakfast
6:09:32 AM TJX $35.40 The TJX Companies, Inc.
14 days ago (08/18)
“…>> how exciting it is, earnings central. >> the christmas season thing returns in january so you need january as part of the fourth quarter, I think. But in addition to home depot, we are expecting results from target, saks and TJX. After the bell we’re going to hear — that is no slouch there, hewlett packard coming after the bell. Did you see that article yesterday about senator boxer in a little bit of a tiff because of who is going to possibly run carly. Who has some scratch of her own if she senated to edd edd needed to spend — it could be the toughest fight that she’s had to although most of the winds are …” – TJX on Squawk Box
3:49:23 PM TJX $35.33 The TJX Companies, Inc.
18 days ago (08/13)
“…Suppliers to people like macy’s. If the consumer comes back and they have to startrtrtrtrtrt’r to g go toto tir products here. And the manufacturers, relatively nicely placed, will come back in this universe. >> TJX and ross stores, we’ve been showing people your picks why do you like those? >> they’re both momentum plays. They’ve had good sales now for the past — they had a little bit of a pause back over the holidays last year, but they’ve come roaring back. They’re generating 3%, 4% positive same-store sales they’re both going to report i’m looking for ross to deliver 50% plus growth in eps. T.J. 20% plus. So if you look at those companies’ fundamentals right now, it doesn’t look like we’re in a recession at all. I mean, they’re firing on all the stocks are 14, 15 times, which is reasonable. >> all right, guys, good thanks. …” – TJX on Closing Bell
3:29:10 PM TJX $35.40 The TJX Companies, Inc.
18 days ago (08/13)
“…To equities than 25 years ago. >> I want to come back to retailers because we’re going to get a flood in the next four or five days. Jcpenney tomorrow, nordstrom tomorrow. Abercrombie, lowe’s, home depot, TJX next week as well. What are you expecting from are you expecting them to raise guidance? Are you expecting them to be what do you think we’re going to >> what we’re seeing from our capital iq estimates on the numbers three months ago, edge of november was higher. This week gains by macy’s. Today was walmart. Expectations are cautious that’s going to be really dependent upon looking forward. >> certainly the idea of presenting the market with cautious guidance allows the retailers themselves to be by definition cautious. …” – TJX on Closing Bell
3:01:33 PM TJX $35.12 The TJX Companies, Inc.
25 days ago (08/06)
“…Macy’s up 5%. Abercrombie & fitch had a terrible number. Down more than 19% same-store sales. Jc penney, costco turned negative. The top three looking rather healthy today. In the winner’s circle, TJX, marshall’s, delivering strong sales, up 4%. Yes, TJX. Here is the stock. Go figure. It’s down by 3 1/4%. But we also had kohl’s looking healthy. Kohl’s down 1%, for same-store sales, the expectation was for it to be down 5%. Interesting to see which names are doing well and which stocks are doing well. Heavyweight, july retail sales along with the spike in the number of americans still out of work pushing stocks down today. But hey, they were worse in fact, in the last hour when we saw a weird leg down for three minutes. We have went from down 40 points at the dow to down 79 points. …” – TJX on Countdown to the Closing Bell
3:46:07 PM TJX $36.21 The TJX Companies, Inc.
26 days ago (08/05)
“…Continue taking share. It really depends on which there’s the walmart and target competition for commodities and school supplies and every other category in the general merchandise prototype. >> kleinfelter says the off-price retailers like ross and TJX will also continue gaining share. Can they drive profit growth as those sales materialize? Brian tunic thinks they will. >> t.J. And ross are at or near all-time highs here. They’re a good place for they’ve been hiding there for the last couple of quarters now. I think the good news is we will revisions. >> still, tunick says the easy money has been made with the retail stocks up more than 50% from the march lows, as you see there on your screen. They’ve outperformed the overall markets by about 10%. He says to drive profit growth going forward there’s still some cost cutting that can be done. Inventories are the major theme they’re running down about 10% …” – TJX on Closing Bell
11:58:56 AM TJX $33.67 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7/14/2009 11:58 AM
“…Recession, down 1.3% and general merchandise sales .4 of a where were people shopping? The discount retailers. Stock up today. The dollar stores, the TJX corporation where you can buy brand named clothing at a discount, costco, the wholesale chains up. …” – TJX on Fox Business
11:20:21 AM TJX $33.14 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7/14/2009 11:20 AM
“…>> we think the trend of weak consumer spending continues, and therefore, some of the discounters and off-site retailers continues to do well. TJX, lost stores, some of the value names, family dollar, even walmart, we think will continue to do well. >> jan? >> I like opportunity. I think macy’s has an opportunity with their new …” – TJX on The Call
6:41:33 PM TJX $32.10 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7/9/2009 6:41 PM
“…Its key competitors are having a tough time. Csv drug stores run by dr. Tom ryan is terrific. Kroger run by david dillon. Best choice is probably TJX. Charles: tj maxx. >> ben camerota, founder of carol meyer. They’re only retailer had same-store sales up two months in a row. Charles: i’m writing them …” – TJX on Cavuto
2:13:33 PM TJX $32.04 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7/9/2009 2:13 PM
“…Could take a look at next you have b.J. Wholesale club and buckle again with growth. But then you look at — we talk about the trade-down effect. TJX, ross, feds. They’re the discount retailers seeing the year over year sales growth. We are seeing the consumer retrenching and the winners here are those with the lower >> liz: thank you very much. Good to see you. >> sure. …” – TJX on Fox Business
1:23:08 PM TJX $32.17 The TJX Companies, Inc.
7/9/2009 1:23 PM
“…>>> take a look at TJX, tj maxx. 3.6% to the upside. They delivered a 4% increase in same-store sales and they were looking for a decrease of 1.6%. After getting beaten up for …” – TJX on Power Lunch
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