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Company Specific Reports

Our Company Analysis Reports are designed to highlight the specific factors that drive analysis at Ockham Research. Each report demonstrates our valuation ranges for each security based upon the average annual highs and lows for price to sales, price to cash earnings, and dividends. We also provide up to 10 years of financial data in each report used to support our analysis.

Our ratings methodology is a simple one: "Strong Buy" or “Buy” ratings are reserved for securities that are priced below their average annual lows with respect to their normal per share metrics, “Hold” ratings are applied when a security is valued within its historical high and low range, and “Sell” or "Strong Sell" ratings are applied when a security is priced above its average annual high with respect to its per share metrics.

Our research reports on each company are published each week, and highlight:

  • The current Ockham Research rating 
  • 2 year price and ratings history
  • A review of revenue, sales and earnings trends
  • An evaluation of management
  • Industry and peer analysis
  • In-depth 10 year financial review  

Enterprising Investor's Guide

Ockham Research has developed a straightforward and effective value investing methodology. The bedrock principles that guide our research and analysis are those first espoused by Benjamin Graham. Graham, who is often referred to as “The Father of Modern Security Analysis”, wrote and taught about a rational and intellectual approach to value investing. 

The Enterprising Investor’s Guide® strives to continue and apply Graham’s rationale for superior securities analysis.  The newsletters’ first page is where we offer commentary on topics such as the overall market valuation, investor sentiment, asset allocation, and the economy in general. The second page shows an overview of the 100 largest capitalization stocks traded on American exchanges. This listing is packed with valuable information on each stock such as the Ockham Combine Rating score, the rationally expected highs/lows, and our buy/hold/sell rating as well as other important data.

The Enterprising Investor’s Guide® has an impressive track record and has been independently audited by Abacus Analytics. Ockham Research publishes these newsletters biweekly, and a yearly subscriptions (delivered via email or through our website) costs $600.