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Independent Equity Research

In the true spirit of Ockham's Razor, we have developed straight forward tools, reports, ratings and services that meet our client’s purposes and allow them to utilize our research at their own pace and for their own scope of market involvement.  The importance of independent research has never been more apparent.  As the recent market volatility has so aptly demonstrated, investor’s responses to market changes have immense consequences.  It would seem that investor response to market volatility is often reflective of insufficient preparation. 

The Ockham research product line is based upon logic and reason historically tested.  The logic and reason for entrance into the market is only valid if the same logical principles counter balance to generate appropriate exit strategies.  Ockham's position is that investors should "get in" only because they know when to "get out".  Rational behavior is necessary at all levels of market involvement.  Our singular focus is to deliver our best of breed product line to insulate each client.  Investment methodologies derived from historical examination diminish the potential for emotional and irrational entrance or exit rationales.