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Listed below are stocks that were mentioned in Fox Business’s Money For Breakfast on Friday August, 7th.

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“… Profit for aig which of course now 80% owned, don’t forget that, first time since 2007, so some good news for aig. It is up in the premarket. You can see it there. So aig has been taking off all certainly has been a winner. The GOLDMAN SACHS note today, three names I quickly want to bring to your attention, dr horton, genzyme and wendy’s. Dr horton and genzyme both being added to america’s conviction buy list over at GOLDMAN SACHS. GOLDMAN SACHS is reiterating their buy on wendy’s. Raising their estimates and price target. So certainly we will keep an eye on those names. Quickly just a couple of other an eye on, just some fun ones. Chiquita brands second quarter earnings coming in $2.08, that was more than two times analyst estimates and last but not least a family favorite crocs, all right, crocs, crox is ticker symbol expecting a loss of 14 cents per share and that is less than the analyst estimates so that certainly will be looking good for them as well. Those are a few of the names that we will watch here, but …” …more details…
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“… On the other end of the scale, rolls-royce vehicle sales down 56%, but overall bmw says it sees a gradual upward trend for the second half of the year. Bmw shares though down about staying in the auto sector swedish officials say FORD will likely complete the sale of its volvo unit in the latter part of volvo’s european auto sales dropped 14% in june. A report this week suggested a state pension fund in sweden may buy volvo, but officials say the swedish government has no intention of becoming the owner of a national carmaker which means it could very well happen. As for the dollar, weakening now as risk comes back to the market down to 1.66 against the pound. Down to 1.42 against the euro. That’s the latest from europe. Let’s go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. Nicole: thank you very much, u.S. Stock index futures pointing to a higher open after …” …more details…
“… Labor secretary under president george w. Bush and fox news contributor elaine chao in d.C. Here in the studio we have the ceo of adecco north america. Joining me also is managing editor of YAHOO! Hot jobs. And our own senior economist mark lieberman here at fox good morning everybody. Secretary elaine, let me start with you, are you surprised that the unemployment rate improved and that we lost a lot less jobs >> well, it does seem as if the economic contraction is slowing and that the job losses are slowing as well. But that actually brings us to a very important point and that is the loss in jobs is very different than the creation of so while the job losses are decreasing, the real question is, when will job creation pick up again? And that’s where again the …” …more details…