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Listed below are stocks that were mentioned in the blog entry titled Goldman Sachs, the Scapegoat of Champions, from the blog Minyanville on Thursday July, 30th.

Minyanville is one of the premier online investing communities, and their writers create fresh content daily. Their aim is to educate their readers, often with the help of Hoofy and Boo the site’s family friendly cartoon mascots. Although some of the site can be silly, there is a lot of valuable content at Minyanville as evidenced by their devote readers.

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Minyanville – Minyanville Stock Commentary for 7/30/2009

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“… ‘Tis the season to pile on to GOLDMAN SACHS (GS) in case you missed the memo. The hatchet jobs that appeared in Rolling Stone and New York magazines have apparently caught the attention of the men and women of Capitol Hill. Not surprisingly they want a piece of the action. In fact it appears they’re positively desperate to …” – GS on Minyanville
“… savings rate the difference between earnings and expenditures will rebound to 3% to 5% this year after a negative rate in 2005. Earlier this year GOLDMAN SACHS estimated that the savings rate could go as high as 6% to 10% in 2009.But interest rates are painfully low and are unlikely to rise anytime soon. One solution: laddering your certificates of deposit.Each rung in the ladder is a different maturity date. Purchasing short- and long-term …” – GS on Minyanville
“… Minyan Morning Memo One to watch: WALT DISNEY (DIS) is due to report fiscal third-quarter earnings at the close. Shares of the entertainment juggernaut and world’s biggest media entity have been a strong performer in ‘09 and the company has a habit of posting results that beat the Street. Its Pixar movie division is looking Up — …” – DIS on Minyanville