RazorWire on Ockham

RazorWire News Slicing
RazorWire is a tool created to help investors sift through the massive amount of information available to show only what is relevant.
Stay Current on Your Stocks By Slicing the News
At one point or another we all get overloaded with information these days. It is at this point that some will just give up trying to stay current, as the news continues to pile up. For an investor, there is nothing more important than being informed. That is why we have developed the RazorWire tool to help you stay on top of what your stocks are doing.

RazorWire highlights only stock specific news from business TV and Blogs, and cuts away the noise that is most often a waste of time. One tremendous example of the power of RazorWire news is CNBC’s Mad Money, hosted by the controversial Jim Cramer. No one can deny that Cramer has the power to move stocks, if he mentions a stock on his show it will invariably have greater than average volume the next day. If you don’t have the time or the patience to watch his hour long show each weeknight, you could instead look over our RazorWire Mad Money Recap in a matter of minutes and know every stock he mentioned and what he said about it.
What can RazorWire do for me?
  • RazorWire listens to CNBC and Fox Business Network television as well as reading some of the most impactful finance blogs around. We have found that most market impacting news such as earnings releases or corporate events are most consistently covered by these sources. RazorWire scours the data for mention of stocks. When that happens the slice is taken with the surrounding context.
  • The RazorWire tool can be “popped-out” of your browser, so that it can be left on your desktop even when you navigate away from the Ockham site.
  • If you are only interested in a few stocks or a portfolio, you can set RazorWire to update you only when these stocks trigger the RazorWire.
  • On the ticker report pages, we display each time that stock was mentioned recently on the RazorWire for that page. This way you can see how the news in the past has affected the price.