Portfolio Analyzer on Ockham

Portfolio Analytics is a service provided by Ockham Research. Please purchase a subscription to access this feature.
An Organized & Simple Way to View Your Portfolio
The Ockham Portfolio Analyzer tool is your home for looking at the stocks you already own, or stocks that you may consider adding. You will notice the scatter plot first, the scatter plot holds quite a bit of data in one place. You can see the performance over the past quarter, half year, or year on the y-axis. On the x-axis, we chart Ockham’s valuation stance on each stock right now. You will find that most stocks follow what we have termed the value stock life cycle in a counterclockwise fashion around the chart.

For example, if a stock starts in the lower right hand portion of the chart then we think it is undervalued and it has declined in price recently. More often than not that stock will eventually start to appreciate and move into the upper right side. As the stock appreciates it becomes less attractive and thus moves left on the chart. Once it is overvalued, we would expect to see the stock fall and sit in the lower left hand side. This basic idea can yield ideas about how to allocate assets within the portfolio.

In addition, we give users a sortable table of fundamental and other important company data. Anywhere you see a ticker symbol, be it in the chart or the table below, it will link directly to the full equity report. Adding or removing tickers is extremely simple as well.

Of course, we also utilize the RazorWire news tracking tool to keep you up to date on what the experts are saying about your stocks. If one of your stocks is mentioned on a TV or a blog, you will know about it.

Keeping you informed on your current investments will better enable you to make the most appropriate investment decisions.