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Ockham has developed a straightforward and effective value investing methodology. The bedrock principles that guide our research and analysis are those first espoused by Benjamin Graham.  Graham, who is often referred to as “The Father of Modern Security Analysis”, wrote and taught many of the top investment managers of all time.  His approach is logical and systematic, and it removes many of the most common pitfalls associtated with investing.  

The Enterprising Investor’s Guide® strives to continue the application of Graham’s rationale for superior securities analysis.  Each newsletter contains commentary on topics such as the overall market valuation, investor sentiment, asset allocation, and the economy in general. In addition, we include some of our selected analysis and market commentary articles.

Readers will also receive ratings on some of the largest and most popular U.S. equities. This listing is packed with valuable information on each stock including current Ockham ratings, rational price trading ranges, estimates, and growth potenital metrics.  

The EIG is designed to be a fast read.  Our goal at Ockham is to provide a concise market outlook to our clients while additionally keeping them informed on the most popular stock investments.  The Enterprising Investor’s Guide® has an impressive track record of selecting market inflection points and our Ockham ratings have an equally impressive performance track record. 

The EIG newsletter is produced weekly and delivered via email or through our website. For a sampling of past issues, click here for the Enterprising Investor's Guide.