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Ockham Releases the First Research Ratings and Financial Commentary Application for iPhone Users



StockRazor by Ockham is the first app to give iPhone users access to fundamental research ratings on the go.  Each week StockRazor generates up to 80 new stock ideas from Ockham’s research universe of over 5,500 companies.  Ockham utilizes a proven valuation methodology based on Benjamin Graham’s teachings.

While Ockham normally charges $5 per report online, for a limited time through StockRazor, Ockham is providing the detailed research and analytics to iPhone users directly through this application.
StockRazor users can easily filter ideas either by sector or market cap.  Once a selection is made, ideas are categorized as overvalued or undervalued.  Selecting one of the stock ideas renders the ratings landing page with the following:

StockRazor Features:
    •    Ratings Summary
    •    Fundamental Data
    •    Full Ockham Site Views
    •    Price and Volume
    •    Rating Performance Charts

In addition to the weekly stock ideas, StockRazor brings the Razor’s Edge blog to the iPhone.  Here users can read Ockham’s market commentary, stock insights, and financial musings.  The blog is featured daily on Seeking Alpha, iStockAnalyst, Feed the Bull, and various other blogs and financial websites.  Ockham's financial insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, and CNBC.

Ockham is an independent equity research provider based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Security analysis at Ockham is based upon the principle known as Ockham's Razor, named for the 14th-century Franciscan friar, William of Ockham.   Ockham’s Razor is a theory designed to cut through to the core and valuable understanding of any theory, and in financial analysis, that is particularly necessary.  With all of the information out there these days in financial analysis, Ockham is dedicated to providing insight and understanding on every security we follow.