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Institutional Ockham Research

Ockham research is an independent and unbiased equity research firm.  We provide research and analytical services to institutional managment firms, brokerages, investment banks, investment advisors, and individual investors.  Our value-investing methodology has been developed and proven exceptional over the last two decades.  With this, we provide accurate and crystallized insight into company and industry valuations.  Our customers,  utilizing this information can supplement internal research analysis, stimulate idea generation and develop enhanced entrance and exit strategies..

Ockham research understands the necessity for institutional money managers to evaluate research material as to cost, content and timeliness.  This prerequisite was crafted into Ockham research's online services and institutional product offerings.  Rapid, responsive research is our hallmark.   

Portfolio  Analyzer

Customized portfolio reviews by Ockham Research staff are available on a weekly basis or any client directed time frame.  The analyzer creates a comprehensive analysis highlighting stock placement within the value range.  This data provides managers with immediate insight into the current price status of holdings or watch list items versus historical performance. 

Ockham  Portal  Access

Institutional managers may purchase full access to Ockham's entire universe of coverage.  This access includes all reports, metrics, and ratings for over 5,500 US stocks and ADR's with full access managers can quickly move through our whole library of research.

Bespoke  Research

Utilizing the Ockham Research staff, institutional investors have the option to acquire detailed analysis on a stock by stock basis citing any holdings price placement within its unique value cycle.

Brokerage Firms

As the research industry continues to evolve, Ockham has focused its efforts upon scalable research solutions that bring quality insights and analysis to its clients.  Brokerage firms seeking to provide quality research services to their clients can leverage that Ockham expertise and research library. Though "Ad Hoc" relationships a synergy can be created to maginfy the brokerage firm's product base.

Third – Party Research Arrangements

For years, third-party (or soft dollar) arrangements have been the mode  for supplying independent research solutions to institutional investors.  Ockham Research will work with selected brokerage clients on this basis.  Our goal is to assist your brokerage in representing and servicing clients with a full service research suite of solutions.

Custom  Research  Solutions

If your brokerage firm requires unique coverage applications to service clientele, we offer the opportunity to leverage the Ockham Research platform proprietary models and service offerings, such specificity can developed.  Ockham will work with your firm to develop research offerings that will promote your firms uniqueness.  Contact Ockham Research for further details.