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Investing Simply.

Ockham Research has long held that investing does not have to be overly complicated.  The real problem with analyzing stocks as investments is the massive confusion created by too much information.  Whether it’s company marketing, overly positive management statements, overly negative media coverage, or any number of other different sources, the individual investor is inundated and charged to make sense of it all.

We built Ockham Research to cut through all of that extraneous information to give you proven methodologies for reviewing a stock's investment potential.  Remember, investing in a company and investing in a stock are two very different things and each serves a different purpose.  The purpose of investing in stocks is to make money.  End of story.  The purpose of investing in companies can be any number of things.  Belief in management, belief in ideals, or even just being a fan of a company’s products is a valid reason for investing in a company.  If you are looking to invest in a company, we recommend you call a broker.

Ockham Research is solely focused on investing in stocks, not companies.  Our methodology, reports, analytics, and ratings are designed to identify, explore, and optimize the stock investing process.

Our product suite for individuals is the same data and information that we offer to top institutions and brokerages around the world.   The services below, however, are tailored to individual investors to help identify and support their needs specifically.

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