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1.What Is Ockham? 2.Why Do I Need Ockham? 3.How Do I Use Ockham? 4.Let’s Get Started…

How Do I Use Ockham?

Generate ideas, find opportunities, track business television, all through your subscription to the premium Ockham Research services. The following videos give a few examples of how to use Ockham.

The Ockham Research Overview

Ockham is simple to use and intuitive. If you know what stock you would like to analyze, or have a list of stocks to quickly run through, Ockham pulls it all together in one platform.

StockRazor on the iPhone

StockRazor is the mobile version of Ockham Research, currently available on thie iPhone. Ockham subscribers can download StockRazor directly to their iPhone to access Ockham Research as well as some of our top weekly ideas.

Generate Ideas

Stock screeners are pretty worthless. At Ockham, we recognize that most idea generation comes from external inputs like business television, articles, or conversa- tions. That is why Ockham is built to give answers quickly, while incorporating televi- sion commentary, blog articles, and user comments directly into each page.

Track Business Television through RazorWire

Did Cramer crush one of your stocks on "Mad Money" in the last hour? Or did "Cashin' In" tout a company you also like? With RazorWire from Ockham, you’ll know. By tracking every word spoken on selected business shows, Ockham can give you the in-depth analysis to investigate what the talking heads are talking about.

Track and Analyze Your Portfolios

Ockham's Portfolio Analyzer allows you to enter your own tickers and watchlists for a custom portfolio view. The Portfolio Analyzer charts each stock and will help you track your holdings to identify risks and opportunities more effectively.
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