Equity Reports on Ockham

Equity Reports
Read the full analysis on thousands of companies, including a thorough explanation of how we arrived at that valuation.
Is This Stock Cheap or Expensive? How Come?
The old adage says, “buy low, sell high” but how do you know when a stock is low? We have analyzed and compiled data on thousands of companies over the past ten years in order to establish historically normal valuation ranges such as price-to-sales and price-to-cash earnings. We identify stocks that are trading significantly outside of these ranges.
Is it really that simple?
Yeah, it actually is. We make a lot more information available to you, but at Ockham we try to keep it as simple as possible. Some other things that you will find in each stock report from Ockham:
  • 2 years of Historical Valuation History
Want to know how we have done on this stock in the past? Take a look, we have nothing to hide.
  • Motley Fool CAPS Investor’s Sentiment
Think you have a diamond in the rough? Confirm that feeling against the crowd. We have made the most robust data set of investor sentiment on individual stocks available through Motley Fool CAPS.
  • RazorWire News for Each Stock
RazorWire keeps you as current as possible on breaking news for any stock. When looking at a report on a single stock you can also go back in time to see how the news affected the stock.
  • A Wealth of Fundamental Data and Important Financial Data
Often investors want to see the raw data so that they can utilize their own theories for investment analysis. We provide plenty of statistics for each stock to allow theory-testing.
  • Sector, Peer Comparison, and Management Analysis
We not only look at individual stocks, but also its peers and the sector to which it belongs. As investors already know, more often than not components within sectors tend to move together. Furthermore, we do a quick overview of how management has performed recently.