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Recap of “Squawk Box” – 5/15/09

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Listed below are stocks that were mentioned in CNBC’s Squawk Box on Friday May, 15th.

Listed below are all of the stocks that were mentioned on Squawk Box, CNBC’s daily morning show. Hosts Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla bring relevant breaking news, pre-market earnings, reports from the floor of exchanges all over the world and other hot topics each day for three hours starting at 6am ET. Squawk Box brings together economic and political data that will shape the day ahead; its a vital day starter for many investors both professional and casual.

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CNBC – Squawk Box Stock Commentary for 5/15/2009

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“… Fact, term that. But I want to go to another point, a point they mention there in that clip a little while ago. I took over GE in 1981. Inflation was strong, double digit. Unemployment was 13%. The country was in melee. Jimmy carter discussed the country was in melee. …” – GE on Squawk Box
“… To give out billions of dollars of taxpayer money and then do nothing except here’s the billions of dollars. Take our money and then do what you want. Keep running the company the way you’ve been running it in the past. >> isn’t BANK OF AMERICA a different situation, don? You are talking about the there’s a lot of questions as to whether or not they were told by the government they really had to stick with that deal? …” – BAC on Squawk Box
“… Institutions — you look at the fine company that jamie dimond is running at jp morgan, they’re looking forward to paying the government back their money. So B OF A can have their independence and chrysler can as well as soon as they can?D?Dive money back to the taxpayers. So it ends then. Meantime, as the economy stabilizes and the banks come up …” – BAC on Squawk Box
“… Once there is a sense of independence by these banking institutions — you look at the fine company that jamie dimond is running at JP MORGAN, they’re looking forward to paying the government back their money. So b of a can have their independence and chrysler can as well as soon as they can?D?Dive money back to the taxpayers. …” – JPM on Squawk Box
“… In the market, uptick in consumer confidence, uptick in consumer spending. I think we’re begin to go see the old golden rule, he who has the gold make the rules. The fact is that B OF A took billions of dollars of taxpayer chrysler needed billions of dollars of taxpayer money, took, the reality is the taxpayers need to be represented here and the government needs to be represented here. What they’ve been doing at BANK OF AMERICA is obviously not working and some changes need to it would be irresponsible for the president to sit on his hands and do nothing. >> where does it end, and when …” – BAC on Squawk Box
“… You want to talk politics for a >> sure. >> we’ve been talking with our guest host jack welch this morning, the story that says regulators want to change the makeup of B OF A’s board. We know he’s going after compensation. A lot of chatter about them being exceptionally heavily handed in that with chrysler, dramatic as it is. Are you having doubts about your president, our president, and …” – BAC on Squawk Box
“… Box" regular don peebles. Don is chairman and ceo of the peebles corporation. He joins us from miami this don, good to see you again. >> thank you, carl. Good to see you. >> this would be called the MGM grand at aqueduct if this plan I remember having you on when you said the casinos were beginning to look interesting. You’re obviously back in a big …” – MGM on Squawk Box
“… The most mod ral decline on empire that we’ve seen since august. When we come back, real estate mogul don peebles finding himself in the middle of a horse race, and the prize is a casino in the big APPLE. …” – AAPL on Squawk Box
“… Exit to this kind of government control of corporate america? They’re also on top of all this seeking renewed powers, new regulatory powers to move in on companies that are not regulated by the fdic, nonbanks like AIG, to try to restructure them if there’s any sign of a crisis. All at a time when the treasury department appears to be rather dysfunctional and unable to be fully staffed. …” – AIG on Squawk Box
“… >> I hope they wear protective something like that. It could be like the fight we saw a few weeks ago. A lot of this surrounding proposals to change the board of B OF A. They’re going after compensation in banks. The cap and trade appears to they’re determining what’s going to be served practically in the chrysler cafeteria. Has the president lost his sense …” – BAC on Squawk Box