Financial News from Mad Money from 7/10/2009

Recap of “Mad Money” – 7/10/09

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Ockham’s daily Recap of Mad Money.

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned in CNBC’s Mad Money on Friday July, 10th.

Jim Cramer CNBC’s biggest star, hosts Mad Money each night of the week at 6pm ET. The hour long show is both entertaining and informative and each stock mentioned receives a lot of attention simply by virtue of being mentioned on Mad Money. Popular portions of Mad Money include Mad Mail, Am I Diversified and Lightning Round where Jim Cramer takes callers questions on air.

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CNBC – Mad Money Stock Commentary for 7/10/2009

The most recent Stocks on Financial TV & Blogs from impactful financial news sources

ON Semiconductor Corporation (ONNN) Discussed on CNBC’s Mad Money

ON Semiconductor Corporation is in the news. Find out how this impacts ONNN trading on Ockham Research.

Hold or take profits? >> no, no. Should have taken some profits up at 25%. Let the rest run. I got to tell you something, I was working on tech, amd, ON SEMICONDUCTOR. On telelast. These stocks have come down it is time to get back in. >> buy, buy, buy. >> the respect play off of the increasing need for cyber security.

“… > the respect play off of the increasing need for cyber security. …”

6:17P, Jul. 10,2009 CTBK $2.19 City Bank

City Bank (CTBK) Discussed on CNBC’s Mad Money

City Bank is in the news. Find out how this impacts CTBK trading on Ockham Research.

>> unemployment goes above 10%. Do you change your mind? >> no. I expect unemployment to go as high as 11% which it did in 1981. Okay, we came out of that recession. If you bought CITY BANK in 1981, you made a in 199191, prprincece alawali did. You made $10 million.

“… 10 million. …”