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“… Impression it’s a bad time. Obama is proposing a lot of things, higher taxes on oil. See, we have to get through this what i’m saying is cash, some gold, maybe a pbt and some cds, I like to say, there is always a I promise to try to find it just i’m jim cramer. Keep the faith. …” – PBT on Mad Money
“… I am a little conflicted with regard to health care solutions. I have had a nice run of about 25% to date. I want to avoid being a big. MDRX does appear to be one of the few winners from the pelosi what are your thoughts regarding the stimulus plan and MDRX? >> it doesn’t matter. We are in sell mode. For all I know, obama is going to say they made too much money. I want you out of that stock. …” – MDRX on Mad Money
“… Get my pass, i’ve never heard of it. What I can do? Carol in texas. Carol! >> caller: boo-yah! >> boo-yah. >> caller: from EL PASO. >> wow! Utap. >> caller: the miners. >> i’m liking utap. I might take them. >> caller: good. >> I don’t know, but — no, i’m taking uconn. Come on, what’s up? …” – EP on Mad Money
“… >> I had a felling it was you. >> caller: dbc. >> I don’t know it. >> caller: you don’t know, VECTOR group energy. I’ve got to pass. I’ve got to pass and i’ve got to get my pass, i’ve never heard of …” – VGR on Mad Money
“… Right now, wendy’s arby’s group. >> it’s like the dice man on the a print theys year. Here’s the problem with wendy’s. Why would you want to buy wendy’s when MCDONALD’S is virtually in freefall at 52 with the great, great balance sheet and good dividend. I say ixnay wendy’s and welcome the whole MCDONALD’S under 50, and I want to buy it from my charitable trust and that’s my level to buy and that’s where i’ll pull the trigger. How about jeff in california. Jeff! >> caller: hey, how are you doing, jim? >> not bad. …” – MCD on Mad Money
“… >> oh, come on! Unsportsmanlike. The challenge flag to that, too. A.K. Steel, I don’t like the steel companies here and particularly this one. I do like NUCOR if it comes to the 20s and if allegheny comes down, I might like that, but no, we’re not getting anywhere near that ak steel and that is something this should have been taken over and there are no …” – NUE on Mad Money
“… >> a lot of calls from the o >> yes, there you go. Jim, what i’d like to know about two questions, one company, A.K. STEEL, symbol aks. I’ve been hearing some rumors of a takeover? >> oh, come on! Unsportsmanlike. The challenge flag to that, too. …” – AKS on Mad Money
“… Day, that del monte cannot keep pace with the commodity price increases. I have researched that articel and if people remember I recommended del monte, the pricing is good. I liked DEAN FOODS, because they preannounced the good number. Terry in male, in indiana. They tell me that because they don’t want me to sound like …” – DF on Mad Money
“… Right now, boo-yah to you. >> thanks for the show, I really enjoy it. You mentioned buying stocks you can eat, drink or smoke. What about dlm? >> oui it’s got a lot of cat food there. Remember we always pose the question, why do people eat cat food and not dog food? Here are some profits. …” – DLM on Mad Money
“… What’s on your mind? >> caller: we have a wmr. >> keep it hometown, my friend. The only refiner I like are the integrated refiners and that’s why I like marathon mro when you get the dividends and i’m down on valero and down western. >> let’s take linda in florida. >> caller: hi, jim! A sensational, sunny south …” – MRO on Mad Money