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“… Alexandra, yyou just missed it. March 21st. Yanna is na. Diet COKE. I may have other plans, my daughter. Alexis: this is so exciting. It’s nice having him here. He’s going to stay with us. The opening bell is next and we have a lot to talk about. …” – KO on Money For Breakfast
“… Wet handling. So vehicles are measured on how they do on wet situations on the road so we can develop the vehicle to meet all our needs. Jeff: interesting behind the scenes look at FORD. One obviously of the big the best shape. No secret there. What are they doing with that position and how are they capitalizing? All day long on the fox business network, a windy by …” – F on Money For Breakfast
“… >> absolutely. It’s been in the market since last month. 27,270 is the starting price. Jeff: we’re going to make a sale here now. Alexis, you can see this is an extraordinary spot, FORD giving us great access today to this whole test track. What is this whole facility we’re looking at right here? >> this is the dearborn development center. This is where we do all our testing all year long. …” – F on Money For Breakfast
“… >>> the struggles of chrysler and gm could be rivals for the u.S. Automakers. They need to take advantage of the weakened competition and jeff flock is live in dearborn, michigan at FORD’s development center for a look at what FORD is spending jeff? Jeff: you may not be able to see me, alexis, but you can hear me. What you’re seeing is a FORD fusion. What are we driving right now? …” – F on Money For Breakfast
“… >> we all do. >> the fact that congress the kind of reports and the kind of grade that they do from the american people, the approval rating, wwe’re giving them grades, that reflects the fact that they understand. They may not call them earmarks. They know money is being wasted. They know the way the system works. Obama was a little silly …” – WWE on Money For Breakfast
“… Shareholders who are going to fill up in here today. We’ve already been seeing them file in. We’ve spoken with many of those angry shareholders talking about the share price dropping from $40 a share a year ago for BANK OF AMERICA to just $3 a share in march. Many of them very upset about some of the decisions that lewis has made. Also the shareholders calling for the resignation of some other members of the board, including temple sloan, and he is the lead independent director of BANK OF AMERICA. So all these questions right now could be answered today. The big question, alexis, is will ken lewis have a job after today. …” – BAC on Money For Breakfast
“… Shareholder meetings. Sometimes we think of them as a snooze, a bore, whatever you will. This one, high drama is expected to unfold here today. At a theater here in downtown charlotte, BANK OF AMERICA as you said, headquartered here, and ken lewis, the ceo and chairman of the bank, is the talk of the town. And the big question today is whether ken lewis, will he stay or will he go. Many shareholders upset over the decline in BANK OF AMERICA’s share prprice over the past year, and a lot of the decisions that he’s made. Well, right now preliminary results, our colleagues at the "wall street journal" …” – BAC on Money For Breakfast
“… Keep them low a longer period of time. Alexis: all right, guys, excellent conversation. Mark, lindsey and charles, thank you very much. Angry shareholders and an embattled ceo, what is in store at BANK OF AMERICA’s shareholder meeting today? Ceo ken lewis could be forced to step down as chairman. Our own fox business’s sandra smith joins us live from charlotte, north carolina. That is the home of BANK OF AMERICA’s headquarters and where the meeting will take place in a little less than an hour and a half. Good morning, sandra. >> hey, good morning, alexis. I was going to say, forget what you know about …” – BAC on Money For Breakfast
“… It looked like that was a really good contributing factor, which might signal that the gdp number could have been much worse. Charles: absolutely. You know, there is also this paradox about this consumer concerned. You remember when APPLE’s earnings came out and everyone was so excited? I don’t know that in this sort of environment, when consumers should be out there repairing their balance sheets and saving money that we really want to be ushering them …” – AAPL on Money For Breakfast
“… That’s why I gave him a c. Michael? >> they’re trying to keep the institutions alive. The execution is the real for example with citigroup, with AIG, with the car companies somewhat different, but the idea is the same. Nobody is allowed to fail. We’re going to keep pumping money into the system to keep I think that is a good short term plan but it is not a I don’t see the long-term …” – AIG on Money For Breakfast