Financial News Discussion of AMP – Ameriprise Financial, Incorporated on The Opening Bell on Fox Business

Financial News for Ameriprise Financial, Incorporated (AMP)

10/8/2009 11:43AM
52 Week Price Range
$11.74 – $37.80
Market Capitalization
$9.4 Billion
Dividend Yield
Recent Dividend

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Ameriprise Financial, Inc. was discussed on The Opening Bell on Fox Business which was originally produced by Fox Business on 9/30/2009
Viewers on 9/30/09 heard about Ameriprise Financial, Incorporated on The Opening Bell on Fox Business with host, Alexis Glick. It is always interesting to see how discussions of Ameriprise Financial, Incorporated affect the stock going forward.
“Commercial real estate sector from dennis lockhart. Moving along to stocks i’m watching and stories many’ watching this morning. Bank of america continuing to tighten its belt. Selling off the long-term asset management business of its colombia management unit to AMERIPRIZE financial for a price tag of 1.2 billion dollars. The deal is expected to close in the spring and will make AMERIPRIZE the 8th largest mutual fund manager, AMERIPRIZE is actually rising to the upside and some news coming out about boston scientific saying that it will pay johnson & johnson a fine of $716 million over a 12-year battle regarding– over a dozen different lawsuits, regarding patent infringement, regarding their health stent products. Boston scientific says it will pay the fines out of a legal reserve that it has carried on its balance sheet and you can see boston scientific taking a hit. Brian, back over to you. >> all right. Shibani, thank you very much. Someone else is going on around the world. Time now to assign the papers and turn the page. Robert gray you have the new york post. Robert: spotted a new challenge for ashley webster, we know he’s a runner these days and battling an injury and trying to come back, ashley shall the gauntlet has been thrown down and talk about the straight and narrow, chinese man does a run every day and running the great wall or something must be pedestrian. He does it on the handrail of a 3,000 foot bridge, a suspension ” The Opening Bell on Fox Business Sep 30, 2009 9:44 AM
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