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Ockham Videos

What is Ockham? 

What is Ockham? In this short intro, you'll learn what inspired the Ockham Information Platform and why it is important to you.
Watch this one from your couch and you might find enough in the cushions to finance the most useful investment tool you've yet seen.

The Basics

The Portfolio Analyzer charts each stock and will help you track your holdings to identify risks and opportunities more effectively.
Track Business Television through RazorWire
Ockham can give you the in-depth analysis to investigate what the talking heads are talking about.
Ockham is built to give answers quickly, while incorporating television commentary, blog articles, and user comments directly into each page.
The Razor's Edge is where Ockham analyzes companies and review market valuations and industry trends.


StockRazor is the mobile version of Ockham Research, currently available on thie iPhone.
This video covers the information provided in Ockham's research reports and briefly discusses our new feature Razorwire.
This video describes how users can best understand what to look for on the first page of our reports.
In this video the management and ratios tabs of Ockham reports are discussed.
This video shows Ockham clients what to look for in the peer comparison and peer ratings tabs.