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Our RazorWire platform listens to the business television channels for any news on stocks or companies.  This system updates within a few moments of the words being spoken, and therefore can help streamline where you focus your attention when it comes to insightful information surrounding your stocks. 

In addition, clients can now enter a list of ticker symbols of interest, through the Portfolio Analyzer tool, so that they can cut away information on stocks that are not meaningful.  Clients can also sort information by television show or individual stock for a deeper dive into  Ockham research .

America's Nightly Scoreboard

  Bulls & Bears


  Closing Bell

Countdown to the Closing Bell

Fast Money
Fox Business

  Happy Hour

Mad Money

Money For Breakfest

Power Lunch

  Squawk Box

Squawk on the Street

  Street Signs

The Call

The Opening Bell on Fox Business

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Track Business Television through RazorWire
Ockham can give you the in-depth analysis to investigate what the talking heads are talking about.
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