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PFE Stock Report

2-Year Price History

Recent Price
(6/4 10:50AM) -0.7%
52-Week Price
$11.62 – $20.13
Market Capitalization
$100.5 Billion
Dividend Yield
Most Recent Dividend
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About Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, Incorporated is considered to operate in the Healthcare sector. They specifically operate in the Drug Manufacturers/Major business segment contained within the Drugs industry.

A research-based, global pharmaceutical company which discovers, develops, manufactures and markets prescription medicines for humans and animals.

Ockham’s Rating

We are reaffirming our Undervalued rating for the time being because there have been no major changes in our analysis in the last week. In the following report we will look at the stock versus itself historically, which is clearly useful in order to evaluate if a security is overvalued or undervalued. In addition, we analyze the stock as a member of the Healthcare sector and the market as a whole to understand the volatility and risk and reward potential.

Over the last six months the NYSE has undergone a downturn somewhat, and because of this we view the recent high prices and those valuations at that price level a bit more cautiously. With that being said, we believe that although we are not yet upgrading this stock, if there is any further improvement in fundamentals there could be an upgrade in relatively short order.

The price change since our last report of 1.54% since 05/23/2009 has little impact on our final outlook for PFE.

Also, there have been no meaningful adjustments in earnings expectations to report in the last week.

PFE Stock Evaluation

As of the time of this report, there has been relatively little movement in price for PFE over the last week. Furthermore, there has been no revision to earnings expectations or guidance. Given these factors as well as those contained in our complete analysis, we do not have enough of a catalyst to necessitate a rating change. For more detail please read the rest of our analysis of PFE’s valuation.

PFE Revenue

As we have often noted, in our valuation methodology, "Cash is King." Well, it goes without saying that if a company cannot produce sales then there is no ability to generate cash flow. By that logic we look very closely at revenue numbers as our second most important factor in valuing a company’s stock. We have established reasonable Price to Sales per share ranges based on historical data of the last 10 years. For, PFE the high and low end of the Price to Sales per share ratios are 4.74x and 3.24x respectively.

Notice that PFE’s current Price to Sales per share ratio is 2.10x, which is quite a bit below what we consider a normal Price to Sales ratio for this stock. Given normal conditions and a price of $15.19, PFE is 48% below where we would expect to see it. This will beneficially factor into our final analysis of PFE as it is not often that this stock sinks to these levels.

PFE Cash Earnings

Looking at PFE specifically in their Cash Earnings capabilities, Ockham views PFE as significantly below its historical average multiple of Cash Earnings. Looking at the last 10 years we can get a good understanding of what investors have grown to expect from PFE. For example, PFE’s Cash Earnings ratio per share has fluctuated between 11.80 and 17.29 over this historical timeframe. This range is based upon a proprietary weighted methodology at Ockham, but can clearly show an investor where PFE is with respect to prior business periods.

So with PFE’s current price (latest close of $15.19) and most recent level of Cash Earnings reported, we see significant opportunity from a value perspective. At its current price level, PFE is 45% below its average level of Price to Cash Earnings on a historical basis. This means that investors were willing to pay for a much higher stock price than currently for the same level of Cash in the past, on a relative basis. There are a couple of important things to remember, however. First, value doesn’t exist in a vacuum. So if the market doesn’t recognize this value, even a great disparity in Price to Cash Earnings cannot force an immediate stock price reaction. Second, patience is key when looking at securities that have reached these levels of Price to Cash Earnings versus their historical norms. So be patient with PFE.

PFE Dividends

A positive Ockham rating does not require a company to pay out an inviting dividend or a dividend at all. However, we believe dividends provide a useful measure of a company’s inherent expectations.

Comparable to our analysis of Sales and Cash Earnings per share, we examine dividend yields from PFE against the historic high and low levels over an available data range. Because PFE has an established history of paying a dividend to shareholders, there is value in comparing recent dividends to historical dividends. In PFE’s case, the estimated annual dividend is $0.64 producing a current dividend yield of 4.21%. The highest dividend yield from PFE in recent history was 8.96% while the lowest dividend yield was 0.73%. PFE is not making us feel all that confident when their current dividend yield is below the historical median by 13.11%.

Peer Comparison


Pfizer, Inc. Industry Grouping

Company Ticker Market Cap (Ml) Latest
Price/Cash Earnings Price/Sales 5-Yr. Rev.
Growth Rate
Avg. ROE.
Current 10-Yr. Range* Current 10-Yr. Range*
Peer Company Averages (not incuding PFE) 9.29 7.98 » 27.64 2.20 2.08 » 6.50 11.34% 26.51%
*10 year range does not include current year values
Pfizer, Inc. PFE $100.5 Billion $14.89 8.08 6.38 » 66.57 2.10 1.99 » 10.53 1.34% 16.58%
GlaxoSmithKline PLC GSK $94.2 Billion $33.28 11.39 9.97 » 27.19 2.22 2.48 » 7.42 -1.75% 61.56%
Novartis AG ADS NVS $89.9 Billion $39.70 8.34 7.84 » 24.82 2.06 2.27 » 6.18 10.77% 18.76%
Sanofi-Aventis ADS SNY $83.4 Billion $31.71 6.09 4.59 » 21.42 1.96 1.57 » 6.14 31.68% 6.98%
Abbott Laboratories ABT $69.7 Billion $45.12 9.63 10.59 » 32.64 2.18 2.41 » 6.33 8.45% 21.28%
Wyeth WYE $59.7 Billion $44.73 11.02 6.91 » 32.14 2.56 1.64 » 6.45 7.57% 23.98%
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The latest TV Media Discussion

6:05:59 PM PFE $14.89 Pfizer, Inc.
Mad Money
17 hours ago (06/03)
“…But I on the other hand worry about the dollar getting stronger, which would crush the earnings of all the foods like the coca-colas and kelloggs’s as long as drug companies like cramer unfave PFIZER or merck along with cramer fave eli with both sides going nuts with worry I have to tell you when everybody’s frightened I say the dollar’s probably at the right hallelujah …” …more details…
1:51:50 PM PFE $14.85 Pfizer, Inc.
21 hours ago (06/03)
“…Robert gray, thank you. Now, a drug company has won fda approval for a break-through cancer drug but the drug is for dogs. PFIZER’s paladia is the first drug developed specifically for the treatment of canine cancer. Kills tumor cells and cuts off the blood supply to the tumor. We don’t know how much it drug is gonna cost, what they’re going to charge but you can bet a lot of people with pets will shell out for the cash whether they’ve got insurance coverage or not. PFIZER actually is trading down almost 1% at 14. We have more news from the same the wall street journal’s now reporting that merck is selling its animal healthcare business. …” …more details…
6:05:12 PM PFE $14.96 Pfizer, Inc.
Mad Money
1 days ago (06/02)
“…Good quality stocks my sell call was nuts and you would have been excuse me? What does that mean? When you say that to the american people, they think PFIZER and citigroup. They think intel and citigroup, mr. Softy, microsoft. That would have been great. As long as just fine means lose lots of money or make nothing. Hey, now, that’s the game plan. …” …more details…
10:30:29 AM PFE $14.93 Pfizer, Inc.
3 days ago (06/01)
“…Going showing similar benefits. >> is this enough to possibly win f,da approval or might they make you do a longer trial? >> we’re working with PFIZER and mda now to put the program on the right path forward. We hope to announce something within this year. >> the late great yankee ballplayer bobby mercer was in one of your clinical trials. …” …more details…
10:29:04 AM PFE $14.93 Pfizer, Inc.
3 days ago (06/01)
“…First time since november of 50 again. Demarkation between an economy which is shrinking and one which is growing. The world’s biggest drug company PFIZER is announcing an advance in the fight against one of the which one? What does it mean for investors? Mike huckman has the answers live at the cancer conference in orlando. …” …more details…
3:55:30 PM PFE $15.07 Pfizer, Inc.
5 days ago (05/29)
“…Billion worth of seeall list. Yeah, this is going to be some big water cooler talk. In terms of it being financial material, not so much. PFIZER spokesperson told me she would have no comment on the $17 million estimate I brought up. When I asked her how much does PFIZER actually — how much does gm buy from PFIZER, she told me, quote, finally, we don’t discuss our relationships with our customers. >> one thing larry kudlow said earlier was the uaw was among the leading drugs, the leading …” …more details…
3:54:17 PM PFE $15.06 Pfizer, Inc.
5 days ago (05/29)
“…Erectile dysfunction paid for. So no more prescription drug benefits for this. The little blue pill. PFIZER’s viagra or eli lilly’s seeallis. But it’s really important to point out here. This is going to, you know, this has already been the subject of a lot of banter here today on cnbc. …” …more details…
12:13:41 PM PFE $14.81 Pfizer, Inc.
5 days ago (05/29)
“…>> I ripped that off from robert he’s been talking to john prestbo and he’s in there with the dow joneses. >> I think apple, probably. >> merck and PFIZER, PFIZER, already have two health care names. >> these are too thinly traded just like apple. And amgen is a thinly traded not a lot of volume behind it. They’re looking for something that will stabilize, be a stable …” …more details…
11:41:10 AM PFE $14.81 Pfizer, Inc.
5 days ago (05/29)
“…Favorites of ours. Jpmorgan weathered the storm right well but has received t.A.R.P. Money. But we like the long term high quality name. >> you also like ibm, united health, PFIZER. I’m secure on the health with health care reform coming what >> it will certainly play a what we’re finding, i’ve made a …” …more details…
7:41:55 PM PFE $14.74 Pfizer, Inc.
America's Nightly Scoreboard
6 days ago (05/28)
“…Yet but I was writing at the time and debating several pundits not to be named right now but they said this is an indication of the great bull market PFIZER the other side frankly as much as anything, when you spend 100 billion on a company at the time doing two or 3 billion with ebitda you are …” …more details…
5:39:19 PM PFE $14.69 Pfizer, Inc.
Fast Money
6 days ago (05/28)
“…Very promising. Bobby mercer was on this drug, worked very well for him and we’re going to see new survival data coming up at the asco conference this weekend, so that could be a plus for PFIZER. But again, no guarantees that the data’s going to be good, and even if they are, no guarantee that the market’s going to react positively to that news as well. >> mike huckman, thank you for your time. >>> time for the edition of …” …more details…
12:05:57 PM PFE $14.74 Pfizer, Inc.
6 days ago (05/28)
“…About the long term effects. >> there’s another sector. There’s what he had to tell us. >> I think the PFIZER stock got hurt badly when they cut the I think the company is a bit in a penalty box for a time being. So as we look at it, PFIZER makes sense. They continue to earn $2 or maybe a little bit more. The stock is $14 or $15 today. It’s a good bargain for a high-quality franchise like …” …more details…
10:54:15 AM PFE $14.62 Pfizer, Inc.
7 days ago (05/28)
“…>> go ahead, please. Sorry. I know we have a little bit of a I will go right to the next I know you had nearly tripled your return since the november low which caught our attention. You mentioned hertz, PFIZER and spirit aerospace were also on your list. Are those the main reasons we are up so much? I mean, what accounted for your incredible performance? >> I don’t know if we have …” …more details…
6:37:30 PM PFE $14.64 Pfizer, Inc.
Mad Money
7 days ago (05/27)
“…>> caller: kbr. Nordic american, nat. >> natty dread. >> caller: package american, and PFIZER, pfe. >> let me think. What do we have? Well, we’ve got a drug company everyone knows I can’t stand but hangs in there like a non-champ. We’ve got packaging corp., which …” …more details…
12:21:02 PM PFE $14.85 Pfizer, Inc.
7 days ago (05/27)
“…Pack, general motors down 44%. That would be one of the — >> faring well. PFIZER up less than 4%. J&j down. That’s the concern for health care overhaul. >> that could be skewed by some of the m&a activities. …” …more details…
6:54:21 PM PFE $15.02 Pfizer, Inc.
Mad Money
8 days ago (05/26)
“…Year because of the acquisition of wyeth saying they would see some great profits and returns from the deal. Now with the health care on obama’s hit list, how could this impact PFIZER’s stock and will it and a great big army boo-yah. Jerome, thanks for serving and let’s remember memorial day and remember why we celebrate memorial day and also to say to you, jerome, that PFIZER, I just don’t think has anything going for it. I don’t think the merger will I think it’s a dead weight stock and I don’t want you buying "mad money" is back after the break. …” …more details…
4:10:19 PM PFE $14.98 Pfizer, Inc.
8 days ago (05/26)
“…Fda is approving cialis. Eli lilly makes the drug. PFIZER sells its viagra to treat the same disease but the cialis could be cheaper since dosing is less frequent and lasts longer. United therapeutic stocks today …” …more details…
9:35:25 AM PFE $14.83 Pfizer, Inc.
9 days ago (05/26)
“…They are timely and we know there so many things up in the air in manufacturing. We get off into the auto arena and as far as the 12-year as david talked about on PFIZER, their issuance will be denominated in euros. 29 will be denominated in we will have $40 billion and …” …more details…
9:19:11 AM PFE $14.95 Pfizer, Inc.
9 days ago (05/26)
“…Billion, I think. All of this to help again in the acquisition of wyatt which was $33 a share. You look at PFIZER stock which has not performed particularly well out of the gate. Both have been steady in the last few months. That is moving on PFIZER’s stock prices. Interestingly worth more. If you remember, this deal in the new environment was conditioned on financing. It had an interesting position …” …more details…
9:18:24 AM PFE $14.88 Pfizer, Inc.
9 days ago (05/26)
“…Then you have a 29-year bond nominated in sterling. This money and again, probably 10 billion or maybe more. We will see what the demand is they are going to help PFIZER pay down the remainder of the bridge loan when it announces this sale a few months back. PFIZER already had success in the bond market with a 13.5 billion offering. Now the new offering as I said will extinguish that loan from the bank which came in at 23.5 …” …more details…
9:08:38 AM PFE $14.88 Pfizer, Inc.
9 days ago (05/26)
“…The market goes up what? >> we shall return in a moment with mark and bernie and the he is looking at a bond offer for example PFIZER and why that matters up next. Getting beyond the financial crisis and preventing the next the former chair of the counsel of economic advisors. …” …more details…
11:28:06 AM PFE $14.92 Pfizer, Inc.
12 days ago (05/22)
“…Being able to go overseas, expand and integrate assets. Those companies need american >> that’s how you play the international assets? PFIZER announced two big deals over the last week in india. They are taking advantage of the indian market. They are going to pave the way for a lot of other companies. …” …more details…
9:23:20 AM PFE $14.99 Pfizer, Inc.
14 days ago (05/21)
“…Remicade in foreign markets. This has been one of the best-performing deals. Merck stock reacted well when it announced the deal. Not like PFIZER, and has done so since then. You can see the spread so far unchanged at the moment. The market reaction to this not particularly strong. A lot of it had been …” …more details…
5:57:24 PM PFE $15.19 Pfizer, Inc.
Fast Money
14 days ago (05/20)
“…It’s not that big a problem. >> week from today ira stone investment conference great cause children’s pediatric kabs a lot of people will be there. Mandel, einhorn. Whitney tilson will be there. >> PFIZER’s moving. >> thanks so much for watching. My thanks also to joe theismann. Thanks for these rings. I’m giving them back. See you tomorrow. >> is this a buying opportunity? >> tomorrow, playing the oil …” …more details…
3:44:31 PM PFE $15.10 Pfizer, Inc.
14 days ago (05/20)
“…Estate activity fell nearly 5% in the first quarter from the fourth and year over year activity is down 13% because rising unemployment has cut down on demand for commercial space. >>> PFIZER reaching licensing deals with two ipd yan drug makers to expand marketing of under the deal, PFIZER will sell 75 off patent and branded generic products in more than 70 countries with a big focus on emerging markets. The move is part of PFIZER’s strategy shift to rely less on a handful of blockbuster drugs. >>> stocks scaling back gains overall the market had had a good run since the lows march 9th. …” …more details…
1:57:37 PM PFE $15.00 Pfizer, Inc.
19 days ago (05/15)
“…Potential to see drugs, oral insulin in the market faster is definitely there. We gotcha. Interesting. If you take prescription medication from PFIZER and you’ve lot your job, the company has good news for you. You could even call it uplifting news. Starting today PFIZER will provide 70 of its most popular drugs free to people who have lost their jobs and health insurance. That includes viagra. PFIZER will give away the medicines for up to a year to americans of that lost jobs since january 1st and have been on the PFIZER drug for three months or more. PFIZER shares today are down 2%. Below 15 bucks a share. How about that. The price of oil falling sharply. Down 2 bucks a share back to 57. We will be right back. …” …more details…
5:31:00 PM PFE $15.26 Pfizer, Inc.
Fast Money
20 days ago (05/14)
“…Anybody about it, so stocks started moving and they started to do this online all at once to level the playing field. >> mike, we’ve have to run, but I want you to tell us about a new program that PFIZER has. >> i’ll say this as my own >> — >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> we’ve got to show what it is. It gives new meaning to the term laid off because PFIZER announced it will give free viagra for a year to people who were laid off. They’re not just going to give away viagra, they’ll give away …” …more details…
3:52:02 PM PFE $15.36 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…Hem help people. That’s why we push this on senior management. Very unusually. Five weeks ago when we first discussed this, here we are. >> liz: doing it. >> a company like PFIZER approved it. >> liz: amaze how quickly you brought about maintain the >> right. >> liz: thank you for talking jorge puente is the doctor who came up with the idea an …” …more details…
3:50:59 PM PFE $15.36 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…On fox business, eli lilly ceo was on and he said he’s worried if you put the price cap on certain medicines it may crimp r&d. Listen to what he said and you can give us your reaction from the PFIZER side of it. Here he is. >> pricing control and capping prices will limit innovation. We’re very interested in follow-on pathway for new biologics. …” …more details…
3:48:42 PM PFE $15.37 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…Slip or employer letter and demonstrate they have lost the prescription medicine coverage. An and they have a financial >> liz: isn’t this at a great cost to PFIZER? How are you able to do this? The earnings have been decent but you made a massive acquisition recently with wyeth. How can you afford to do …” …more details…
3:47:42 PM PFE $15.37 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…Everybody said we have to do something you could sense the electricity. Of course, since we make medications, this was a natural thing to come up with to help those people who were on hour PFIZER medications who now could not be on those because they lost healthcare coverage hellop them through — help them through …” …more details…
3:46:41 PM PFE $15.36 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…>> liz: many americans have health insurance tied to their employer but with unemployment at 8.9% in the u.S. , what happens if you lose your job? PFIZER announced a new plan today to provide free medicine to the recentlytoday to provide free medicine to the recently we’re joined by the guy who came up with the idea, dr. Jorge puente, regional president of PFIZER worldwide pharmaceuticals in a first on fox interview. Great to have you, doctor. >> thank you, liz. >> liz: fascinating program, offering up to a year of free pharmaceuticals including big …” …more details…
3:43:13 PM PFE $15.36 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…>> we started before lincoln was president. >> I like the history. We’re coming to wisconsin. >> come enjoy it you have i’ll love it. >> david: I know I will. >> liz: closing bell in 18 PFIZER announcing the new program. Did you hear this? Announced it to help recently unemployed people to give them free medicines. Viagra included. Fist on fox business, the man …” …more details…
3:00:42 PM PFE $15.37 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…Job relief. The biggest drug maker making lipitor and viagra available r free if you lost your job and health insurance. We have a first on fox interview with the PFIZER executive who came up with dr. Jorge puemte, the PFIZER regional presidentment and wait until you hear what he has to say about the plan. Tell you how to get to be part of this if you’ve lost your job. And why was this woman …” …more details…
11:42:02 AM PFE $15.34 Pfizer, Inc.
20 days ago (05/14)
“…>>> welcome back. Check out shares of PFIZER up half a percent. 15.34 the last trade, company unveiling a program that will let people that lost their jobs and health insurance keep taking medications, including lipitor …” …more details…
5:13:25 PM PFE $15.27 Pfizer, Inc.
Fast Money
21 days ago (05/13)
“…The cost space is totally down, the street has missed this they’re behind on upgrades they >> let’s move on to the next story here what was working in today’s market big pharma both PFIZER and merck fighting higher. Investors flocking to defensive we should be clear that they were higher in a very down market but not by much. But still do you guys like any of these? >> abbott labs was up small …” …more details…
3:59:03 PM PFE $15.27 Pfizer, Inc.
21 days ago (05/13)
“…It echoes yesterday. Drugs and safe havens, merck, j. And j., PFIZER, proctor and gamble, those are the names people look to. Gold moving higher. The pressure came on bank of america, citi, alcoa, american …” …more details…
3:35:18 PM PFE $15.29 Pfizer, Inc.
21 days ago (05/13)
“…Everyone is rushing to on the market and taking a hit because of it. >> cheryl: chris, what are you watching? >> I have a lot of red on my screen but I have green here. Pharmaceuticals. Merck is up 3%. PFIZER is up 2.5%. Schering-plough up 2%. Ovartis up 3.5%. Nicole was right. Healthcare is where the people are doing well today. The the safety stocks, the stocks that provide a little …” …more details…
10:45:03 AM PFE $15.46 Pfizer, Inc.
22 days ago (05/13)
“…>> weaker than expected retail sales data. The dow is down 8339. Five dow stocks are higher. Health care, merck and PFIZER, j & j speaking of home retail and verizon. Other 25, the dow 30 are down. What about the financials? There you go. Citigroup, morgan stanley, j.P. Morgan chase, wells fargo and bank of america are all down as …” …more details…
5:36:27 PM PFE $14.98 Pfizer, Inc.
Fast Money
22 days ago (05/12)
“…Susan crack awer told me to take a look at them. I should have. The stock has gone nothing but >> eli lilly up 2%, pete. >> it got swept up in the whole defense trade, everyone running over there because it had not PFIZER starting to move to the up side everybody gets swept up. They do have the 50 different data points they’re putting up at asco. One relief today. Second day in a row up. …” …more details…
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Key Fundamentals

PFE – Pfizer, Incorporated Fundamentals
Price (6/4 10:50AM) $14.79
Volume (6/4 10:50AM) 8.4 Million
Last Close Price $14.89
10 Day Average Volume 48.0 Million
13 Week Price Range $12.38 – $15.60
52 Week Price Range $11.62 – $20.13
LTM Revenue $47.3 Billion
Shares Outstanding (12/2008) 6.7 Billion
Market Capitalization $100.5 Billion
Shares Held By Institutions 4.7 Billion
Institutional Holders 1,989
% Shares Held By Institutions 70.10%
Earnings Per Share (EPS) $1.20
P/E Ratio 12.50
Book Value Per Share $8.92
Gross Margin 88.60%
Annual Dividend 0.64
Dividend Yield 4.30%
Beta 0.70
Fiscal Year Ends December
NASDAQ 1834.77

8.85  0.49%
S&P; 500 936.66

4.9  0.53%
^DIA 87.14

0.19  0.22%