Ockham Launches New RazorWire Application

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Ockham is pleased to announce the launch of an information platform combining our valuation analysis with our exceptional business television monitoring tool, RazorWire.

Subscription to this platform is available for $1 per month.

“Investors must recognize the difference between directly impacting information versus transmitted noise…”

Christian J. Ward
CEO, Ockham

At Ockham, we recognize that the current market has highlighted the need for every investor and investment professional to take more control of their investment portfolios. Whether you invest in individual stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs, the reality is that you need to stay informed, which can often be very different than just having access to lots of information.

It is with that in mind, that Ockham created RazorWire to track the spoken word on business television channels. RazorWire listens to these channels for most of the shows of the day, updating within seconds any time a stock is discussed on television. It also provides you with a text clip of what was said so that you can incorporate what television pundits, guest hosts, or even company CEO’s are saying on the major stations.

Business television, along with other sources like blogs and online media, have an enormous impact on the flow of information surrounding companies. Additionally, business television (whether you love it or hate it) has a degree of impact far greater than financial blogs and message boards that may never gain enough traction to be powerful. Therefore, business television is one of the most important factors that an investor must track. Unfortunately for many of us, watching television all day just isn’t part of our vocation in life.

RazorWire, located on the right panel of our homepage, is designed to list what was said about thousands of companies, within seconds of it being spoken on television. Now, we won’t say it’s perfect, and occasionally a commercial or two will sneak into the listing. However, we are constantly improving our technology, and we have even enlisted the help of you, our subscribers, to send us emails noting instances where RazorWire got a bit confused. Interestingly, the more we use RazorWire the sharper it gets.

In the coming days, we will post a series of introductory videos that will guide you through using RazorWire and all of the other Ockham tools, to help you cut through to the most important factors in your investment decision making process.

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