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Historical Valuation Chart

Ockham's historical valuation charts are included for any one of the more than 5500 stocks in our coverage universe.  The chart shows how we have valued it through the last two years, so that users can see our history with each company.  Clearly, the portion of the graph that is green is when we maintained an Undervalued view of the stock and the portion in red we though the stock was Overvalued.  Also included on the bottom of the chart are weekly trading volumes statistics, to show you how actively traded the stock has been over the course of the last two years.

Just to the left of the chart are other key features, including: the recent price, 52-week trading range, the stock's market capitalization, the dividend yield and the most recent dividend payout.  So if you are interested in a stock and don't know much about it, the chart area of the report will give a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time.

Stock Life Chart 

Ockham has created the concept of the "Stock Lifecycle" for securities.  Illustration of this is most clearly and easily demonstrated in the examination of our graphic representation of each entity’s relative position within the x-y grid. Each quadrant within this graph has a value attached, wherein the vertical axis is price and the Ockham rating is plotted on the horizontal axis. 

The strongest valuations within these four quadrants are found in the bottom right quadrant.  This represents where the security calibrates the highest propensity for price appreciation against historical results.  Normal behavior dictates that equities will move within this graph in a counter clockwise manner from the bottom right as price appreciates.  The top right region would still be considered a positive or "long" position.  As market forces continue any security will move left as their price/value ratio becomes neutralized.  As the security crosses into the top left quadrant, Ockham would issue a negative rating and might suggest a replacement item or at least recommendation that clients examine their internal exit strategies.