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Coming Soon to the App Store StockRazor 2.0 with Razorwire


Ockham StockRazor 2.0 with RazorWire available soon.

Looking for a Recap of Fast Money or Mad Money from last night?  Does your biggest stock holding release quarterly earnings this morning but you are stuck in traffic or on the train?  Well, Ockham has your solution with StockRazor 2.0.

  • RazorWire Business TV monitoring tool
  • Track what the pundits are saying at any moment
  • Mobile portfolio syncs with your Ockham web portfolio
  • Access to fundamental research on over 5500 U.S. stocks
  • Smart ticker search functionality
  • Daily market commentary via Ockham's blog The Razor's Edge
  • Instructional videos to get you started

Everyone knows business television is where the most pressing breaking news, corporate events, earnings reports, and economic data are all released to the public.  These shows, like it or not, have the ability to move the market.  Cramer talks about Freeport-McMoRan for ten minutes and the next day it has the biggest percentage gain in its history!  The StockRazor application allows you to stay on top of what is hot in the markets when you cannot watch it yourself.  We watch the "talking-heads" so you don't have to.

Simply click on a ticker within the StockRazor to get underlying research and Ockham's valuation of that company and thousands more.  The information available on each stock has been greatly enhanced in the latest edition of StockRazor. 

The Razor’s Edge blog, Ockham’s daily market commentary, stock insights and company research musings, will also be available to users directly on their iPhone.  The blog has syndication at some of the top financial sites around the web, including: SeekingAlpha, WallStreetPit, TheStreet, and many others.

Ockham offers the new and improved iPhone app for free, but in order to get the full functionality and benefit from the app you need a $1 per month subscription, available directly though the app or on the Ockham website.  We are sure that you will find the financial information and content well worth the subscription price.  So, download today to discover how we sharpen information to help inform your decisions.




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