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Analysis and Reports

At Ockham, we have made available company specific equity reports on more than 5500 stocks.  At anytime users can enter a ticker symbol into the box at the top right of each page, which will directed you to this stock’s online equity report.  On each report, in addition to our investment analysis, we have captured and provided the text for each time the stock was mentioned on business television through our RazorWire service, so the research report is as up to date as possible.

Our fundamental analysis relies upon price-to-sales, price-to-cash and other time tested metrics that help to understand a stock’s current valuation.  Each report can be made into a .pdf format document for easy printing, simply by clicking one button at the top of the online report.

Our financial research reports are published each week, on each company (over 5500 stocks / ADR) and highlight:

    * The current Ockham valuation
    * 2 year price and ratings history
    * A review of revenue, sales and earnings trends
    * An evaluation of management
    * Industry and peer analysis
    * In-depth 10 year financial review



Ockham Videos

This video covers the information provided in Ockham's research reports and briefly discusses our new feature Razorwire.
This video describes how users can best understand what to look for on the first page of our reports.
An advanced discussion to understanding the management and ratio tabs.
An introduction to mastering the peer ratings and comparison tabs on an individual equity.
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