How Will We Get this Genie(s) Back in the Bottle?

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Over the past few months, all relevant instruments of federal economic policy have been brought to bear to contain the global credit cruch and stave off a depression. To their credit, so far, it appears that such an outcome has been avoided. And make no mistake, the world does not need to endure a depression at this point in time. However, as the government ponders rescuing yet another industry (domestic automakers) and is even going so far as to now dictate interest rate terms to mortgage lenders, one has to wonder where and how this all ends?

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Buffett: The Pied Piper of Financials

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Warren Buffett has thrown his chips in and he is betting on the Goldman Sachs to reemerge as a leader in the financial sector. With assistance from the government’s rescue plan, Buffett hopes that Goldman’s proven management can once again restore the confidence that is so lacking in financials right now.

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Fed Steps Up to Provide Liquidity

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Today, the stock market roared ahead as it collectively cheered Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s latest attempt to loosen the squeeze of the credit crunch. Bernanke had hinted at an expanded loan facility to banks to the tune of $100 billion, but this morning the Fed announced that it will lend […]

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Foreclosures Frighten Investors

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The bearish stock market of late reflects investor’s fearful reaction to the deepening housing crisis. New data reveals just how bad it is for American homeowners, as home foreclosures reached a record in the fourth quarter of 2007. The Mortgage Bankers Association estimates that more than 2% of all mortgages […]

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Dollar Struggles Continue

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The U.S. dollar has hit a 35-year low when compared to a basket of currencies, adding fuel to rising fears of inflation. Prices of gold, crude, and other commodities are soaring to near all-time highs despite the fact that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a slowdown. Interestingly, those elevated commodity prices are […]

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Helicopter Ben to the Rescue

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Two big stories surfaced on the macroeconomic front today. First, the Commerce Department released the fourth quarter GDP results. On an annualized basis the economy grew at .6% which was a disappointment, as the consensus on Wall Street called for 1.2% growth. Clearly, the credit crisis played a large role in slowing […]

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Bernanke Bail Out?

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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke today before the House in support of implementation of a temporary fiscal stimulus plan. He covered himself with the caveat that it must be implemented quickly yet it must be properly constructed to gain his full support. His prepared testimony before the House Budget Committee this morning […]

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