The Wall Street Journal Agrees

Ockham Research Staff @ January 22, 2009 # One Comment

In this post we reprint an article from the Wall Street Journal in which they expose yet another conflict of interest from the TARP bailouts. There are always going to be conflicts of interest when politicians and business start to intermix, and we fear that we are just starting to see the beginning of the problem.

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Voter Turnout and TARP

Ockham Research Staff @ January 20, 2009 # One Comment

The market is finishing another ugly day and much of the blame can be placed squarely on the disappointing results out of State Street Corp. One interesting discussion that should be had is regarding the usage of TARP funds by politicians to prop up the banks that are most news worthy to the voting public.

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Financial Stocks Are Still A Dangerous Game

Ockham Research Staff @ January 19, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Last week was a telling one for financials, as BofA, Citi, and JP Morgan all released earnings. There is no doubt that the financial sector is still deeply flawed and for anyone investing in these names we believe it is basically pure speculation at this point.

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Oh Good GRIef

Ockham Research Staff @ January 9, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Interestingly, the NASDAQ OMX Group has created a new index to track the performance of companies that have received more than $1 billion in bailout money. This is an interesting idea on many fronts and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to track the massive intervention into the financial markets.

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S&P Warns of More Financial Pitfalls Ahead

Ockham Research Staff @ December 19, 2008 # One Comment

A sweeping downgrade of financials by credit rating agency S&P was one of the major stories of the day. Or on second thought, what does this tell us that we did not already know, and so far the market has not even noticed.

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Dividend Investors Beware!

Ockham Research Staff @ November 26, 2008 # 2 Comments

Is investing in high yielding stock really a way to hedge against a bad market? Well, as we have seen dividends getting cut at an accelerating pace, we thought it would be a good time to reexamine this strategy.

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Dropping TROW (T.Rowe Price)

Ockham Research Staff @ October 13, 2008 # One Comment

T.Rowe Price Group has been all over the map in the last few weeks. While much of that movement has been caused by overall market panic, we need to point out that valuations are affected by such hysteria and must be updated regardless of how short the timeframe. In other words, it is fine to be a long term investor, but you shouldn’t always ignore significant swings in stocks that cause significant imbalances in valuation. The dropping of TROW’s… uh… price has created some interesting valuations from Ockham.

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The EIG Newsletter Gets a Makeover

Ockham Research Staff @ September 30, 2008 # No Comment Yet

An overview of the changes to our newsletter and the announcement that coverage for all 100 equities covered on our Ockham Research web site will be avialable to the public for free. Please visit to view these research reports.

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Lehman Bankrupt, Merrill Swallowed, AIG Wilting

Ockham Research Staff @ September 15, 2008 # One Comment

The crazy day in financials has rocked the markets thus far on Monday. This article breifly describes how we got here and where we are headed in the future.

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Bank of America Earnings Slide

admin @ April 21, 2008 # No Comment Yet

The stock market dropped slightly this morning and much of that can be attributed to Bank of America’s ( BAC) first quarter numbers. The nation’s largest retail bank saw its net profit fall 77% and its earnings per share were $.23-a significant disappointment from consensus estimates of $.41 per share. […]

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