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Financial News for Apple, Incorporated (AAPL)

6/26/2009 4:00PM
52 Week Price Range
$78.20 – $180.91
Market Capitalization
$124.8 Billion
Dividend Yield
Recent Dividend
Apple, Inc. was discussed on Power Lunch which aired on CNBC on 6/4/2009
Power Lunch hosted by Bill Griffith has an unbelievable following and has been shown to really impact stocks with their news coverage. Today, Apple, Incorporated was discussed on Power Lunch.
“That in some way. >> it’s very sneaky. You connect there to your computer and it shows up in itunes. Copy your computers and files. APPLE is not stopping that. There was a new version of itunes yesterday and it works. >> we look forward to talking about this. I want to get one in december. We have to go to break. We can find more. Up next, talking to more — jim rogers more. ”Power Lunch Jun 4, 2009 1:56 PM
A couple other items to be aware of:
  • between on Thursday, June 04, 2009, when AAPL was on Power Lunch, and now – shares of Apple, Incorporated have depreciated 0.65%.
  • Bill Griffith mentioned quite a few stocks, 31 individual companies to be exact. You can see the all company slices for Power Lunch on the recap page.
  • There were 2 mentions of AAPL on just this episode. You can see the all company slices of those on the Power Lunch recap page.
  • AAPL has had 757 mentions, on various business television shows, since this one. Find out what was said with the latest financial news on Apple, Incorporated.
NASDAQ 1838.22

8.68  0.47%
S&P; 500 918.9

-1.36  -0.15%
^DIA 84.27

-0.45  -0.53%