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Financial News for AT&T;, Incorporated (T)

6/26/2009 4:02PM
52 Week Price Range
$20.90 – $33.59
Market Capitalization
$146.6 Billion
Dividend Yield
Recent Dividend
AT&T;, Inc. was discussed on Power Lunch which aired on CNBC on 6/4/2009
Viewers on 6/4/09 heard about AT&T;, Incorporated on Power Lunch with host, Bill Griffith. It is always interesting to see how discussions of AT&T;, Incorporated affect the stock going forward.
“It’s on sprint now, which is eh. In the summer though, verizon gets it. >> i’m in connecticut which sprint and AT&T; have never heard >> I thought of trying to thwart that in some way. >> it’s very sneaky. You connect there to your computer and it shows up in ”Power Lunch Jun 4, 2009 1:55 PM
A couple other items to be aware of:
  • Since being discussed on Power Lunch, T‘s stock price has risen by $0.56.
  • Bill Griffith mentioned quite a few stocks, 31 individual companies to be exact. You can see the all company slices for Power Lunch on the recap page.
  • As far as Power Lunch on Thursday, June 04, 2009, this is the only mention for AT&T;, Incorporated.
  • Since this discussion on Power Lunch by Bill Griffith, T has not been mentioned on business television. Track all the news on AT&T;, Incorporated.
NASDAQ 1838.22

8.68  0.47%
S&P; 500 918.9

-1.36  -0.15%
^DIA 84.27

-0.45  -0.53%