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Financial News for Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

6/25/2009 11:39AM
52 Week Price Range
$14.87 – $28.50
Market Capitalization
$208.9 Billion
Dividend Yield
Recent Dividend
Microsoft Corp. was discussed on Power Lunch which aired on CNBC on 6/4/2009
If you are an investor, then Power Lunch hosted by Bill Griffith on CNBC is a must watch. Microsoft Corporation was discussed on 6/4/09 show.
“When you’re done with9szh@x it. It also consolidates calendars and e-mail from multiple sources, like google and facebook and MICROSOFT outlook. These address cards contain information from all three for 70 bucks, you can get a charger that works by contact, like this. Set the phone down while you’re ”Power Lunch Jun 4, 2009 1:54 PM
A couple other items to be aware of:
  • MSFT has seen an increase in price by 9.65% since this commentary appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch.
  • Bill Griffith mentioned quite a few stocks, 31 individual companies to be exact. You can see the all company slices for Power Lunch on the recap page.
  • There were 2 mentions of MSFT on just this episode. You can see the all company slices of those on the Power Lunch recap page.
  • Since this discussion on Power Lunch by Bill Griffith, MSFT has not been mentioned on business television. Track all the news on Microsoft Corporation.
NASDAQ 1819.92

27.58  1.54%
S&P; 500 914.52

13.58  1.51%
^DIA 84.03

1  1.2%