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Financial News for Google, Incorporated (GOOG)

6/25/2009 11:29AM
52 Week Price Range
$247.30 – $555.68
Market Capitalization
$98.3 Billion
Dividend Yield
Recent Dividend
Google, Inc. was discussed on Power Lunch which aired on CNBC on 6/4/2009
Power Lunch hosted by Bill Griffith has an unbelievable following and has been shown to really impact stocks with their news coverage. Today, Google, Incorporated was discussed on Power Lunch.
“This is how you quit a program when you’re done with9szh@x it. It also consolidates calendars and e-mail from multiple sources, like GOOGLE and facebook and microsoft outlook. These address cards contain information from all three for 70 bucks, you can get a charger that works by contact, like this. ”Power Lunch Jun 4, 2009 1:54 PM
A couple other items to be aware of:
NASDAQ 1820.93

28.59  1.60%
S&P; 500 913.92

12.98  1.44%
^DIA 83.69

0.66  0.79%