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Recap of “Mad Money” – 5/29/09

Ockham’s daily Recap of Mad Money.

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned on CNBC’s Mad Money on Friday May, 29th.

Jim Cramer CNBC’s biggest star, hosts Mad Money each night of the week at 6pm ET. The hour long show is both entertaining and informative and each stock mentioned receives a lot of attention simply by virtue of being mentioned on Mad Money. Popular portions of Mad Money include Mad Mail, Am I Diversified and Lightning Round where Jim Cramer takes callers questions on air.

Want to know everything that was said on Mad Money? Then you have to watch it. Visit CNBC for show times and channel guides.
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CNBC – Mad Money Stock Commentary for 5/29/2009

The most recent commentary from CNBC followed by Ockham
Mad Money
“… The only way the uptick rule the thousands of people who signed this petition, they know better and so does the author of the letter, the letter that I signed, eric oberg, the former managing director of GOLDMAN SACHS, who has done more studying and more rigorous work brought by the repeal of this rule than all the professors and s.E.C. Staffers and commissioners combined. I believe the obama s.E.C. Knows …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Washington state chainsaw boo-yah for you. >> oh, man. Let me give you a texas chainsaw boo-yah back at you. A little regional play. >> caller: hey. I’m asking about PETROBRAS’s polar brother. It pays about a 6% dividend. It’s PETROBRAS energia, pze. >> all right. Because we had that pabst blue ribbon versus pze controversy once before. I think your pze, PETROBRAS energia, adr, is a good one. I’d buy hand over fist. We’ve finally got a "lightning round" where we end with a buy stick with cramer! …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Lynn in the illini. Lynn. >> caller: a rousing land of lincoln boo-yah from palatine, how are you doing, man? >> not bad. >> caller: vz. VERIZON. >> i’m struggling with vz because there’s a rotation out of vz even as identifyosfios is taking new york city and the rest of the east by storm. Even though I believe wireless is still en fuego people don’t believe in VERIZON. I say get into some VERIZON, ride that dividend. I’m not backing away. Now there, have been some critics of me on the web. Of course, that’s every day. Saying why does cramer recommend what has it done wrong? It gives you that great yield, and when it finally moves you’ll do terrifically. I’m not abandoning VERIZON. >> caller: bah bah-boo-yah from the land of bill clinton, most creatively virile president in cramerican history. >> well, i’m not going to fight him. >> caller: thank you for being …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Ha, red wings. The real estate cycle’s leading to a housing bottom. And the way to speculate, I am commanding you,, you don’t even have to wait. There’s no cooling off period. You should be buying BANK OF AMERICA! Buy buy buy! >> announcer: coming up — get instant access to the prodigy of profits on an all new "lightning round." …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… As a matter of fact, I don’t know adam. Really like in terms of sports. But joe’s got to take half of it off the table and let the rest this is the time to take — I happen to like PNC, the old I think you take half off and literally let the rest run because joe is in clover and you know what? The pirates are awful. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Let me give you a pirates boo-yah. They’re really dynamite. >> caller: that’s low, jim. >> you were right in my house go ahead. >> caller: my question is I bought PNC stock at 18.50 — >> nice. >> caller: bought more at 22. >> caller: and have since doubled my position at 29. Now, it’s hit the mid 50s, and …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… It’s now positive for bank of the time is right. The consumer’s feeling better. Housing is bottoming. Unemployment could be bottoming. And BANK OF AMERICA is the speculative way to play the smiley face on the california market. Ron john in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, professor >> oh, man, another guy giving …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… This bank that the professors were calling insolvent — remember how that nouriel roubini, not to be confused with the professor on "gilligan’s island," that buffoon, or maybe he should be, wanted to turn BANK OF AMERICA into a ward of the state? I think he wanted to call it the post office slash bank of this thing could be ready to something you already know if you haven’t gotten all call the up in the negativity from the press. As soon as BANK OF AMERICA finishes selling the last of its shares it’s offering in the open market and starts repaying tarp, this one’s off to the races. And the fact that mortgage rates are going up, that’s a positive, not a negative. Because when home prices are going up, supplies going down, rates going up, it forces potential buyers off the sidelines. That’s what’s happening right how about merrill lynch? Isn’t that weighing BANK OF AMERICA down? Like cement galoshes? The charges have been taken. The bad loans are off the books. John thain is no longer killing the bank’s bottom line with that huge salary of his and bonuses …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… But tell you how to play it. That’s my job. I think the best way to speculate that the housing cycle has bottomed, and it has bottomed, is BANK OF AMERICA. Oh, some board member resigned. They had to put that in because it was breaking news. The guy was completely I shouldn’t say that, right? Everyone’s relevant. Why play this with a bank and not a home builder? Remember, unlike a home builder, BANK OF AMERICA doesn’t care about the price of a home. Home builders want the prices up, and they’re shrinking. It’s levered to the number of sales through both countrywide, which it acquired, and its own mortgage division. BANK OF AMERICA has the most market share in what’s becoming an explosive real estate market, with california representing 36% of total residential mortgages. I bet that figure goes even higher. Plus banks are selling their own …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Started I think will be the one that leads us out of this. And beyond that, california alone is responsible literally for 50% of the housing decline problems in the entire country. It might even be more than that if you go look at the JPMORGAN presentation this week. The bottom is here, and it’s for the story in the "negative street journal" did everything but tell you how to play it. That’s my job. I think the best way to …” …more details…
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