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Recap of “Mad Money” – 5/15/09

Ockham’s daily Recap of Mad Money.

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned on CNBC’s Mad Money on Friday May, 15th.

Jim Cramer CNBC’s biggest star, hosts Mad Money each night of the week at 6pm ET. The hour long show is both entertaining and informative and each stock mentioned receives a lot of attention simply by virtue of being mentioned on Mad Money. Popular portions of Mad Money include Mad Mail, Am I Diversified and Lightning Round where Jim Cramer takes callers questions on air.

Want to know everything that was said on Mad Money? Then you have to watch it. Visit CNBC for show times and channel guides.
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CNBC – Mad Money Stock Commentary for 5/15/2009

The most recent commentary from CNBC followed by Ockham
Mad Money
“… Lower. Let’s listen to lows. Let’s listen to HOME DEPOT. I think they will give us our world view that we need before we figure out where we’re I like to say there’s always a bull market somewhere, an I always promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad i’m jim cramer, and i’ll see you …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… $13, $14 basis, up a lot on the stock, and you know what? Yes, I don’t want you to be greedy, but this is the machinery company that’s priced to own. He’s a good man. BUCY is a good stab. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… From big american manufacturers. I always hope i’m going to be proven wrong about this. The united states could become eclipsed by china as a world I want to ask you about BUCY, but could you just talk about that quote for a second? Because it’s pretty earth >> I think it’s going to happen. I think the fact their economy is growing at the speed it is and ours is in the doldrums, I think it’s not in the too distant future that that …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… I think you should ring the register, take a little something off the table. But there’s a strong case to we have to be sure, though. So why don’t we talk to a guy who’s really been money for us? Let’s go to tim sullivan, the ceo of BUCYRUS. Welcome back to "mad money." >> glad to be back, jim. >> first i’ve got to tell you, mr. Sullivan, you gave a speech recently at the harvard business school club of wisconsin. You said something that we’ve …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… This week, which makes up 15% of its sales, has already bounced from its late 2008 lows. Plus iron ore exports from brazil reported to be up 50% in and even though BUCYRUS mostly makes equipment for coal and copper mining that was the first increase in shipments since october 2008. To me that’s a sign that the market for metals and other raw I like BUCYRUS, and while I think those of you who bought it near the bottom are being pigged and bulls make money, pigs make money but hogs get slaughtered, I think you should ring the …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… While the street was only expecting 68 cents. That was just monumental, one of the biggest beats we had. New orders were down. But that was expected. BUCYRUS only saw $16 million in that was unexpectedly good. Its backlog is $2.34 billion. Which by the way is much larger than the company’s $1.7 billion market cap. Now, close observers show remember santa fe oil, santa fe recommended when it got to that kind of ratio. So we’re loosening up here. Now it looks like BUCYRUS may have bottomed. 65% of its sales from selling machinery for mining, coal, and coal prices have pulled back enormously to levels we haven’t seen since before the boom in and copper, although it was down …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… I reiterated that call on march 4th with the stock at $12.33. And it’s more than doubled off its 52-week low. So is BUCYRUS done, or do you take the longer view and look at BUCYRUS as a stock that’s down 71% from its 52-week high of can you believe where that stock put it another way. Does BUCYRUS have room to run or is it due for a pullback? If you tone you’ve got to ask the only band that matters, that’s the clash, for those of you who are demographically should I stay or should I go …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… >>> how do you come at the stock of a company like BUCYRUS? The mining equipment manufacturer. BUCYRUS, BUCY, b-u-c-y, for all you home gamers, is trading at it’s up 28% since I recommended it on december 9th at $17.62. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… >> i’m okay. >> what have you got there, sir? >> only there are more — oh, i’m sorry. That’s my executive producer. >> AIG. I mean, i’d rather play the it’s much more investable. I play 754 and 518. Both of them have come up numerous times. They are definitely more bankable and have a lower p/e than AIG. The preakness is certainly more arguably belmont stakes, clearly much more investable than AIG. By the way, going to star trek, much more investable. If you get the big soda with the …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… The lone star state. >> we haven’t been in the lone star state to do our show in a >> caller: I manage my daughter’s portfolio, and we’d like to know what the prospects for HECLA MINING, hl. >> one of my absolute least favorite mining companies. Has never really made a lot of has been I think a subpar performer. If he with want to own mining …” …more details…
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