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Recap of “Mad Money” – 6/24/09

Ockham’s daily Recap of Mad Money.

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned on CNBC’s Mad Money on Wednesday June, 24th.

Jim Cramer CNBC’s biggest star, hosts Mad Money each night of the week at 6pm ET. The hour long show is both entertaining and informative and each stock mentioned receives a lot of attention simply by virtue of being mentioned on Mad Money. Popular portions of Mad Money include Mad Mail, Am I Diversified and Lightning Round where Jim Cramer takes callers questions on air.

Want to know everything that was said on Mad Money? Then you have to watch it. Visit CNBC for show times and channel guides.
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CNBC – Mad Money Stock Commentary for 6/24/2009

The most recent commentary from CNBC followed by Ockham
Mad Money
“… It’s bad enough they awared the the last thing we need is conflicting regulators. There’s not a lot of common sense involved in this story. I had been thinking that CITIGROUP had a plan to work closely with the government, to work hard to pay back. Now i’m thinking the opposite and while I don’t favor a nationalization plan and I never have, I like the results when …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Behind the bank short-selling given that the government owns 34% of the company but it doesn’t have a seat at the board you can expect CITY BANK to do silly things. I mean, hello? That’s what happens when your biggest shareholder by far doesn’t have a voice in the day-to-day operations of the …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Want to hear repricing of options which I think should be illegal for anyone, just in case they were even thinking of going down that outrageous path. But let’s be honest. CITIGROUP has been by far the most problematic of the banks and we could argue it should be a general motors situation that comes back for more money. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… The t.A.R.P. Through long term incentives, i’m cool. Not through the bank that we the taxpayers own 34% of. We can’t let them do whatever they want. That’s not right. They’re not CITIGROUP. I understand CITIGROUP has to keep competing. I’ve heard that all day. They have a right to pay them something, a little more, I don’t know. I don’t see us getting bonuses this year. I don’t see anybody getting pay …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… But keeps noting to me it doesn’t do anything. I think it’s cheap. I like yum. Remember, the stock reported just like the fact BOEING can’t build a dreamliner, we know whose fault it is? The fault, dear brutus, is the lightning round is over! About strategy. And strategy’s… …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Someone has it in for me. Maybe it’s darrell issa. It’s that guy — that reprehensible — I mean, that representative from california. CENTURY ALUMINUM, we’re going to do some work on that before I check off. How about we go to ed in ed. >> caller: a scorching boo-yah to you from indio, california. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… I’m giving you a big boo-yah from my home country of morocco. >> morocco, new jersey, it’s like our sister country. >> caller: i’d like your input about CENTURY ALUMINUM. What do you think about this can this stock expect to do any better long term? >> you know what i’m going to have to do. I’m going to have to do work on CENTURY ALUMINUM. I’ll tell you why. Kind of dropped off my radar screen when it went down to $5. Everyone knows I can’t stand i’ve done six stocks. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… I’m wondering, i’m going to grad school next year. I’ve got fortune brand stock. Should I go ahead and sell it or hold on till the end of the >> I personally think that FORTUNE BRANDS is three or four points over value. The quarter is going to be bad again. Why is that? Besides cramer. I feel like that what’s happened there is the pastician business …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… Me or kill me or fine me or beat me. The latest one I did wrong, I said I got it wrong when it went to 48. I had no idea, nor did anyone else in the world, that this BOEING dreamliner wasn’t going to fly. It is my fault mostly. I built the fuselage. Maybe it’s the cockpit I built. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the cells. That’s why we’re bringing up it’s part of the BOEING family. It’s going to have delayed earnings, I believe, because BOEING can’t build it. Why is BOEING — i’ve read the message boards. Why can’t BOEING build the ben in virginia. >> caller: here’s a big boo-yah. I’m wondering, i’m going to grad school next year. I’ve got fortune brand stock. …” …more details…
Mad Money
“… I’m calling on allscript. >> you cougar, you snp aren’t they the cougars? I went to ut in austin. Anyway, i’m calling on allscript, MDRX. It’s had a 20% increase in the i’m just wondering what’s moving the stock and when do I get out? >> people are saying this is the …” …more details…
NASDAQ 1796.52

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S&P; 500 896.42

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