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Fox Business, “The Opening Bell on Fox Business” – 4/30/09

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned on Fox Business’s The Opening Bell on Fox Business on Thursday April, 30th.

This program gets the day in the market rolling as host Alexis Glick details the developing stories that will dominate the market. This program highlights earnings and data releases as well as interviews and commentary from strategists and trading experts. This show begins 9am ET and runs for one hour, and stocks mentioned on the program are listed below.

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Fox Business – The Opening Bell on Fox Business Stock Commentary for 4/30/2009

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The most recent commentary from Fox Business followed by Ockham
“… Questions for warren buffett. Liz claman is going to interview the oracle of omaha on monday, may 4th and one of those questions could be yours. Log on to foxbusiness.Com/ask the ORACLE to submit your video. …”
“… Active and retired workers so developments right now, but they’re also watching this because with the GM developments, they haven’t come to a full agreement yet with GM and going to have to make concessions under the GM situation and then there’s breaking news with the the GM situation, because we do have a counter offer from the GM debt holders from the bondholders to the plan that was laid out by fritz henderson on monday, to essentially give them a very small stake in the future company, a 10% stake with a little bit of cash responded by saying a proposal that they would forgive the debt in exchange for a majority stake of the new company and the government would have no stake in the new GM, with the statement they issued saying that this is reasonable, and quitable and provides for all parties to share equally in the future of GENERAL MOTORS. From that, the issue right now is the uaw and what’s happening with chrysler. Back to you, alexis. Alexis: adam, thank you very there are many economic indicators released every month, …”
“… Look at stable asset. Alexis: it thanks for coming up, I appreciate it. Let’s get an update, chrysler is headed for bankruptcy and I bet once the process starts, so, too, might GM be on the hot seat once again. Adam shapiro is live at uaw headquarters in downtown detroit, with the pulse and behavior over there. How are they reacting to all of this, adam? >> well, officials statement …”
“… Robert: they don’t make it, fenway park in boston, 11/2 million, phillies number two, dodgers stadium three, the famous dodger dogs and yankee stadium number four and CITI field number five. All this have for my money i’m not going for any of these, i’m not sure if we have the picture or not, but the sandwich down in pittsburgh is the winner. It’s got the coleslaw on it, the …”
“… >> welcome back. Take a look at some of the stocks in the news today. Shares of EXPEDIA are surging. First quarter net income fell 20% as revenue from both hotels and air travel declined, but the number beat the street’s estimates as you can see up 16.6% and rubber made shares are …”
“… The beer number. Look at this one, the street looking for a loss of 53 cents. Out of the gate the company is idling some plants that are used to make coal to use in steel production and finally, MGM, what can you say? Probably will be the number one percentage gainer today. They’ve reached a deal we have been talking about already up 46%, by the way, all the las vegas stocks are up big this …”
“… Anthrax, antibodies by the u.S. Strategic national stock piles and also beat on revenue. Green mountain coffee, talking coffee at "money for breakfast," major deals at WAL-MART and 3000 stars, earnings of 50 cents. The street was looking for 36 cents. Owing illinois, fantastic number, 59 cents, the street looking for 36 cents and the …”
“… Buck 50. Beat on revenues, the best u.S. Company solar play hands down charles choice more than one occasion, contracts in australia, germany, big, big up huge in the after market. TRINITY INDUSTRIES is also a great play. It’s a rail car maker, but they do make turbine for wind mills and inland barge group was up 14% on revenues and they blew thm away. …”
“… Good track record. He turned fiat around and got that company profitable well back in 2005 and also very smart at getting partnerships with rivals, he’s gotten deals with peugeot and FORD in europe, to share engine components and so on bring down costs, he’s dynamic, didn’t suffer fools and if he can get a hold of the company and put some of his personality on it, I know it’s …”
“… Names in the news, nyx, the parent of this, this location one interesting part was that they moved their cost cutting for 2009, all up arrows, MGM we told you wh he they halted. Interesting news there big news, let’s check in once again with …”