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Fox Business, “Fox Business” – 4/22/09

Listed below are stocks that were mentioned on Fox Business’s Fox Business on Wednesday April, 22nd.

Fox Business Channel provides expert analysis, market commentary, and reporting on the news stories that are shaping the market. This program runs throughout nearly the entire day (from 10amuntil 3pm ET) of trading. A group of distinguished hosts rotate depending on the time of day, these personalities include: Dagen McDowell, Brian Sullivan, Tom Sullivan, Cheryl Casone, Stuart Varney, Liz Claman and David Asman. Since, this show spans the majority of the day, there is a good chance that if it is making news than it has been covered on this show. Check below to see a list of the news making stocks.

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Fox Business – Fox Business Stock Commentary for 4/22/2009

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“… >> liz: good afternoon, i’m liz claman. This is the last hour of trading. You’re watching "countdown to getting you right up to speed at the moment. GENERAL MOTORS may be one step closer to ruptcy. The company cfo says it won’t make that june 1 deadline for the $1 billion debt payment. So what options does that auto maker have left? …”
“… Should you be zigging or zagging? >> david: zigging is up — >> no, left and right. >> david: we have charles ortel, managing director at NEWPORT value partners and david gerts, senior vice president and chief investment officer at high mark capital management. Good to see you both. Charles, first to you if I a lot of questions about whether you trust the financial figures. …”
“… The name and age. There was a lot of money paid to the banks, AIG. Third party for the government’s money essentially. I think those are real there are impressive housing numbers that are coming out. It seems real estate market might be bottoming temporarytemporary. …”
“… Investors one way or another. You have day trading outside of that, we don’t see long-term buyers or telling playing the game. Aside from the WELLS FARGO number that blew everybody away, we haven’t seen anything like that. To the up side or downside. The markets reflect that. >> I was happy to hear when I just asked you about what somebody else had said, asne …”
“… Almost a 2% gain on the up 31. The s&p is up 11. So very nice turn-around of the market. >> liz: general electric is up nearly 5%. We have HONEYWELL higher by you are seeing action here. Get to nicole petallides. She is going from post to post find out what is …”
“… A touchdown, more than a up 64 points on the dow. The nasdaq is really booming. Almost a 2% gain on the up 31. The s&p is up 11. So very nice turn-around of the market. >> liz: GENERAL ELECTRIC is up nearly 5%. We have honeywell higher by you are seeing action here. Get to nicole petallides. …”
“… Neighbors decided to take his life. >> david: brian, I understand that even though the f.B.I. Is involved FREDDIE MAC, they have told sources he was in no way involved in the investigation, correct? >> here is what we know. He’s a 16-year veteran of FREDDIE MAC. He had been around for a long in september when they needed a cfo, he was named acting v inging cfo and he has been in the position throughout the …”
“… >> david: best of luck to your company and continued success. >> david: from that uplifting story to a tragic one. Terrible story from suburban washington, d.C. Investigating the apparent suicide of FREDDIE MAC’s acting chief financial officer here is what happened. Investigators were called to keller can kellermann’s home in virginia this morning where his wife reported a …”
“… The d details of that today. If that’s not going to happen, that can be a price or a catalyst for that stock. And then thirdly and most importantly what will APPLE do with the $26 billion cash stock piles that it has? Everybody is excited and eager for this company to potentially issue its first buy-back in shares. Perhaps that is something that APPLE will announce later today. Who knows? But certainly the investorsbu focussing less on numbers and more on the other three data points out there, liz and >> liz: APPLE was started as a small business with steve jobs and steve wozniak. Some of you heard his name. They were working out the proverbial garage. >> david: the next guest is taking a similar approach in hopes of a big profit. …”
“… >> david: big tech company APPLE is gearing up to report earnings after the bell some analysts are expecting the company to post its first quarterly decline in six >> liz: will APPLE be able to beat expectations? Shibani, this is a company that always underpromises and overdelivers. >> and liz, if I were a betting woman i’d put my money on APPLE beating expesiations yet again. The investment group looked back to 2001 and 891% of the quarters that APPLE reported since then, they’ve come in above expectations. The rest of the time, they came in line with expectations, so we have every reason to believe APPLE will meet expectations if not part of the van because they really lowball the number set numbers year after year after year. But investors focussing less on the numbers and on other pacific crest security is calling the quarter underwhelming one because we have seen a run-up in the APPLE shares since the company stock hit a 52-week low in january. They were not thinking there …”