Decoding Disappointing Holiday Shopping Results

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Each year retailers focus a lot of time and energy into bringing holiday shoppers to their stores. This year was no exception, and many analysts anticipated retail sales growth of 3.5%-4.5% over the same time last year.  So, when the holiday shopping blitz tallied a modest 2.4% increase over last year, it […]

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New York Is Optimistic

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After a week long trip to New York to meet with hedge fund clients, software companies, algorithmic trading shops, and sell side brokerages, one thought continues to come to mind: things really aren’t that bad.
The general attitude at all of our meetings was one of both confidence and a belief that […]

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The Fed is Ready to Cut Yet Again

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Today the Fed Open Market Committee will meet and discuss the appropriate rate cut. For weeks, most commentary has anticipated a 50 basis point cut. However, more and more analysts are now looking for a quarter point drop after the market rallied last week. We will be curious […]

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The coming winter months and the freezes which accompany them, are nothing compared to the cold freeze that may come out of the White House and its meetings with major lenders in the next few days.  Taking a monumental step between the free market and its destiny, the federal government appears […]

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Continuing Caution With Optimism

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Amazing what a few days can do for the market, isn’t it?  With a 4.5% increase in the S&P 500 at its heels, the market was poised this morning to open a little lower.  The pundits are all now yelling either “Dead Cat” or “rally”.  We would say we don’t feel quite that optimistic, but […]

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