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The Ockham Research coverage universe, which includes nearly 3000 stocks, is chock full of attractively valued stocks right now. Earlier this month we reached over 90% buy recommendations, which is the most bullish we have been since we very nearly called the bottom after the internet bubble burst in 2002. […]

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Applause for Paulson

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Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson today stood strong against rising calls for a taxpayer bailout for the struggling housing industry. Paulson rejects the notion that the only way out of the housing mess is for government to engineer a giant bailout using taxpayer money. In an interview yesterday, Paulson said that […]

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URS Shares Plunge on Weak Forecast

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URS Corporation ( URS) is an engineering and design services company which derives a fair amount of its business from U.S. Government contracts. These contracts are mainly for systems engineering, but also for construction operations and project management. Already in 2008 URS has won bids on contracts to head up […]

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Intel Brings Personal Computing to Billions

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Intel Corp. ( INTC) is the world’s leading chip-maker and already powers 70% of its personal computers (PCs). However, most of these PCs reside in the mature, developed economies of the United States and Europe. Intel’s latest strategy is to bring the PC to emerging markets and they have developed the […]

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The stock market has been abuzz with speculation over the possibility of a bailout for Ambac ( ABK). Ambac is the troubled bond insurer that recorded $5.2 billion of write-downs in the fourth quarter, and now is in jeopardy of losing its all-important AAA credit rating. Ambac is hugely affected by […]

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Don’t Give Up on the Stock Market

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As yet another down week for the stock market comes to a close, it may be time for a pep talk. There’s a lot of pessimism in the financial markets right now and that sentiment only worsened with the release of inflation data this week. Consumer prices jumped 4.3% in […]

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Blackberry Boosts RIMM’s Bottom-line

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Research In Motion ( RIMM) expects to see substantially better growth in their smart phone subscribership base when they report 4th quarter results in April, as reported through Co-CEO Jim Balsillie. The Waterloo, Ontario company credits excellent holiday sales performance of their Blackberry mobile smart-phones. Furthermore, Research In Motion was […]

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Relief at the Pump: Don’t Hold Your Breath

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Oil futures surged 4.7% ahead today and crossed over $100 per barrel for the first time since a brief period on January 3rd. The markets main concern is based in speculation that OPEC will cut production when it meets next month. Those fears were fueled by comments by Iran’s Oil Minister, who […]

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Sony: Blu-ray Redeems Betamax

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Sony Corporation ( SNE) appears to have learned its lesson from the Betamax/ VHS format war. As some already know, Sony was the primary backer of the Betamax format introduced in 1975 that competed with-and eventually-lost market share to VHS. The VHS format was introduced in 1976 by JVC and it proceeded to […]

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Comcast: a Stock We Love, a Company Most Hate

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Comcast ( CMCSA), the cable television and internet provider is generally a company that is loathed by most consumers. For Comcast customers, it is easy to forget about them when their services are working, but it is when service is interrupted that many form unpleasant opinions on the giant.  From personal experience, […]

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