Bond Insurer Gets a Boost of Capital

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Bond Insurers have been absolutely crushed by the credit crisis. The two industry leaders Ambac and MBIA have both lost more than 80% of their market value in just over a year. These bond insurers are only as good as their credit rating because, in order to provide insurance bonds, they must […]

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Helicopter Ben to the Rescue

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Two big stories surfaced on the macroeconomic front today. First, the Commerce Department released the fourth quarter GDP results. On an annualized basis the economy grew at .6% which was a disappointment, as the consensus on Wall Street called for 1.2% growth. Clearly, the credit crisis played a large role in slowing […]

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Home Depot on the Rise

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The Home Depot seems poised to break out of its recent disappointing stock performance. When you look at what the market has historically been willing to pay for HD it is selling at a noticeable discount. For example, Home Depot’s price-to-cash-flow currently is about 8.27, which is well below its historical range […]

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Home Builders Take Another Knock

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To claim that home builders have had a tough year would be somewhat of an understatement.  As evidence of this, released today was data on new home sales which was the weakest in 12 years. There were 41% less new homes sold this year than in the prior year.  This lack of […]

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Low Hanging Fruit

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Apple Inc. has enjoyed being a cornerstone of the bullish market of recent history. Between July 2006 and the end of 2007, AAPL shares experienced dramatic and impressive price appreciation from about $50 to nearly $200. However, as is true of the market in general, 2008 has not been kind to Apple. At present, […]

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Put Your Money Into Banks

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Financial stocks, for the most part, are getting a really nice bounce today. Some of the biggest banks have enjoyed a considerable rise today including Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase. It appears that the market is beginning to come to terms with the economic slowdown and is […]

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A Day to Remember

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The day began with the announcement by the Fed to substantially cut rates. The announcement came in the wake of markets around the world suffering sizable losses on Monday as U.S. markets were closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  In anticipation of U.S. markets diving in sympathy with plunging global […]

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The Time for Value is Now

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The stock market continues to suffer losses in the early part of this year. The government plans to step in with a stimulus proposal to head off an economic downturn. Both fiscal and monetary policy relief are going to be used in an attempt to aid the economy in short order. We hope […]

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Bernanke Bail Out?

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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke today before the House in support of implementation of a temporary fiscal stimulus plan. He covered himself with the caveat that it must be implemented quickly yet it must be properly constructed to gain his full support. His prepared testimony before the House Budget Committee this morning […]

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Government Stimulus Proposals: Political Lip Service

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Someone with even a cursory interest in politics would almost certainly have encountered one of the presidential candidates discussing ways to revive the U.S. economy. Many potential voters have listed the economy as one of the most important issues facing America, and many of those voters see that the potential for […]

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